Girls Just Want To Have Fun

My head is full of things that are itching to get out. Thoughts, opinions, ideas, rants, ramblings, musings… I’ve wrestled with the idea of starting a blog for a year or two, and recently someone has come into my life who is not only a gifted writer, but who also shares my opinions on many topics (and if she does not, I just refuse to believe it).  Serendipity struck when she suggested we start one together, and hence the birth of the blog of two mad-ass ranting and raving scientists.  Like most people (I think?? or else my life really does suck), I find my day-to-day existence to be soul-crushing and life-force draining.  Some of the few things that bring me any happiness are, in no particular order: staring at my cat, gushing about things I love, raging about things I hate, and trying to force others to feel the same.  A blog seems like the next logical step.  If anybody feels like listening, awesomesauce.  If not, at least my crazy will be documented so when I get diagnosed with a personality disorder, it’ll all make sense,  just like Inception makes sense.

Gifted writer here (thank you, Annie) and here’s my story: I want a different life.  Not entirely different.  And not because the life I have is horrible.  Or bad, at all.  But it is mundane.  Or, aspects of it are.  Not all of it.  Mostly, just my professional life.  I like the work I do.  The actual WORK.  And I am compensated reasonably for what I do, which feels good.  And I do play an important, even vital, role in society, which feels even better.  But forty to fifty hours every week, one after another, month after month, year after year.  It becomes terribly dull.  And the nauseatingly stupid rules put in place by my borderline-retarded superiors for no apparent reason other than to make my day that much less enjoyable – it’s nearly unbearable.  So this is my plea to the universe (or whoever may be listening): I want a different life.  Not entirely different.  Just more interesting.  More stimulating.  More engaging.  And more fun.

Welcome to our blog….have yourself a drink.  We certainly will.







~~Nikki & Annie


One thought on “Girls Just Want To Have Fun

  1. Yo Gifted Writer….Have you see the “fun”? It went missing at my job awhile ago, and I can’t seem to find it. It’s not in the lounge, or in the freezer. I wanted to check the elevator but it took to long to come. I decided not to look in the hallway, because the hall makes me want to vomit everything I’ve eaten in 6 weeks. Aside from maybe two human beings, the hallyway is filled with brainless people that run my life 40 hours a week. They don’t know me, they know nothing ABOUT me, actually. All they know is I work hard and I’m smart so they give me a million things to do, and for some reason…they keep addressing me as “Door Mat”, but that is not my name. All of this probably explains why I’m still looking to take a boxing class.

    Anyway, this “fun”you speak of….if you find it, please tell it that I never stopped looking and I miss it very much.

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