A Hero Lies In You

WARNING: Rage-stroke/fit-of-anger/copious-use-of-F-bombs/whacked-out post alert:

You know what I fucking hate?  When I’m standing in line at the grocery store and I have to see the shit, smut celebrity magazines, and Mariah Carey’s belly full o’ babies is on display with a caption that says, “All the details on their ‘super active’ baby girl and the baby boy who will ‘look just like daddy.'”

FUCK YOU.  Really?  The baby is going to look just like Nick Cannon???  How do you KNOW THIS, you self-righteous, spoiled, pompous, completely fucking MENTAL people?  Did becoming rich and famous and a diva make you grow some sort of new x-ray vision which allows you to not only see INSIDE your fucking uterus but also years into the future?!  HE MIGHT NOT LOOK LIKE HIS DADDY.  FUCK you guys for thinking you know this shit.  And fuck you for having a closet the size of my employer’s parking garage filled with “1000 pairs of shoes.”  Jesus fucking Christ, I hate people.



2 thoughts on “A Hero Lies In You

  1. Oh this is so spot on I my brain almost exploded from the euphoria of realizing someone else out there hates Mariah Carey as much as I do. She is so……………….gross. Of all people who needs to cover her shit up, it’s her. None of it is worth looking at, NONE OF IT. Let alone…who gives a flying rat’s ass about who her stupid babies are going to look like. Really? I want to know who these people are. I want to meet them, and look them straight in the eye and tell them what a lame ass they are. I don’t care about Mariah’s babies. Oh and the 1,000 shoes? So maybe if I sing poorly writtin tacky songs and wear gold string bikinis with all my shit hangin out, date some random “pop” singer and get knocked up I can have that many shoes too??? Still not worth it.

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