Tell Me, Who Are You? Cause I Really Wanna Know

The season finale of “The Office” has now come and gone and still no regional manager has been named.  Of course, no one could ever really replace Michael Scott, but quite the array of A-listers tried.  Will Arnett started the episode off with a few laughs, though his appearance was far too short in my opinion.  Not nearly as brief as Jim Carrey’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, but still not enough.  Ray Romano got me to laugh out loud several times, especially in his opening scene during which he goes from excitement for the interview to “If I get this job offer, I know I’m gonna take it and if I take it I know I’m never gonna quit and 25 years are gonna go by and…I’m gonna die here.”  I only know one person this instantly self-defeatist (Uh-hmm…I mean you, Annie).  I cracked up when he pulled a sandwich from his briefcase, proceeded to sabotage the interview and almost immediately regretted it.  He even evoked some sympathy once he realized he’d screwed up so badly.  Oh, Ray.  I have to admit, I’ve liked him so much better since “Everybody Loves Raymond” ended.

Surprisingly, no one topped James Spader, guest star extraordinaire, who had me literally rolling.  Who knew he was so damn funny?  I sure didn’t.  I have never seen Boston Legal, so it’s been some years since I’ve seen James Spader in anything, and I was blown away at his awesome cameo.  I LOVED his stare-down with Dwight in the coffee shop – “Stop trying to figure me out!”  HAHAHAHAHA!  I have to agree with Jim: “He creeps me out but I think he might be a genius.” 🙂

And it seems all those years spent tricking Michael into getting some work done and heading off his more absurd shenanigans were a mere warm-up for what Pam had coming in the misdirection of Creed’s wildly destructive antics.  Insane as he is, Creed really makes me laugh sometimes.  When he asked the staff to make an acronym out of the word “Boboddy,” I almost cried.  And seriously, kudos to Pam for her creativity and commitment in handling him.  I don’t know that I’d fake a two-way conversation with myself in two phony, oddball voices just to keep the company from losing a client or two.  That’s dedication.

Cameos and Creed aside, the rest of the episode held up.  Angela is engaged to a gay man!  How fantastic is that?!  The woman intolerant of everything, but above all, homosexuality, is marrying a gay man!  I can’t wait for that to blow up in her face next season.  I’d like to think she might gain a little humility, but come on, nothing could dull the edge of her self-righteousness.  And poor Darryl – I really hoped he’d kill it in his interview but he was so unprepared and when he brought his daughter in to gain a little sympathy, such a schmuck move, I stopped rooting for him altogether.  Oh, and I’m so glad Phyllis isn’t Erin’s birth mother, but she did give some decent advice regarding Erin & Andy.  Except that Andy rejected her!  Why would he do that?  I really like them together.  I hope they don’t drag this thing out for another season or two.

The fabulous Ricky Gervais gave a funny, though tiny, cameo, reprising his role as David Brent, and fellow hilarious Brit, Catherine Tate, also graced us with her presence.  Both nailed the overly-confident idiot shtick with ease.  Though, Dwight’s impostor interview as a bandaged burn victim might have been the most outrageous – a title not easily won.  What I still don’t fully understand is why hasn’t Jim stepped up to take Michael’s place?  I’d be happy with anyone other than Ryan, really.

I admit I was disappointed we didn’t actually learn who will be the next Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, though I’m not fool enough to have thought it would be any of the amazing guest stars last night.  Sad as I am that Steve Carell is gone, I’m looking forward to watching whoever the new manager will be fumble it up next season.



2 thoughts on “Tell Me, Who Are You? Cause I Really Wanna Know

  1. James Spader was fabulous! What a face of penetrating stares and dark genius! And
    although it would be great to see Angela gain a little humility, how great would it be to see her gain 50 pounds?!! As to Pam…this is not the only time that she has saved the day. She frequently stepped in to neutralize the madness of Michael as well as Dwight.
    So I find it odd that no one I know has ever mentioned that Pam would make a good
    manager! I love Jim, but his character is becoming a little like milk toast. How about
    Michael’s drinking and prankster buddy…you know, what’s his name. Or I know, I know….what about giving Charlie Sheen a shot!

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