There’s Blood in the Water

This past Sunday marked the 4th season return of True Blood (hallelujah!), one of HBO’s most popular shows, and like everything that tons of people love, it gets a lot of hate.  And like everything that I love, I gotta defend it to everyone, as I’m surrounded by haters.  I’ve deduced that most people are divided into two groups:  The obsessed freaks who eat up the books (Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries series) and want to bang the shit out of Eric Northman (err, I mean, Alexander Skarsgard), and those who hate hate HATE the show with cobra venom.

I fall somewhere in between – I read a couple of the books, and found I liked the show more.  I prefer Bill to Eric.  But I also love love LOVE the show with a fiery passion.  It’s got everything.  Camp?  Check.  Cheese?  Check.  Goofy-looking special effects?  Check.  Sub-par vampire makeup?  Check.  But do I give a shit about vampires??  Not really.  Do I like to ogle the ridiculous male eye candy?  Check-erooni.  Is every episode packed with endless storylines, action, assloads of characters, blood, gore, nudity, crazy-hot and just plain CrAzY sex?  CHECKKKKKKK.

I don’t watch True Blood to be inspired into pondering life, love, family, our place in this world, blah blah deep shit.  I watch True Blood to hang off the edge of my couch in anticipation, horniness, laughter, or squirmingoutofmyskin-ness.  It’s ENTERTAINING.  It’s full of super, super, SUPER, SUPER-studly, unbelievably hot men (there’s somebody to suit anyone’s taste, it’s truly amazing).  It’s what Twilight would be, if stuff actually happened and it was pornographic.  It’s trash, but it’s high-quality refuse.  True Blood is a sparkly, shiny, ferocious, shameless, promiscuous way to spend the day of the lord.  And I’m not going to apologize for loving the hell out of it. 🙂



2 thoughts on “There’s Blood in the Water

  1. Hell Yeah!!! Dont apologize for loving it…I will never apologize for loving it either. It is just so damn good. Although, verdict is still out on this season…so far. Since it just started I will wait until something makes sense.

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