People Are Strange

Have you seen the new F/X show, Wilfred, starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann?  If not, you are seriously missing out.  When I saw the previews for the show about a depressed guy (Wood) who sees his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, not as the animal everyone else sees but as a man (Gann) dressed up in a dog suit, I thought it looked intriguingly weird.  Needless to say, it has not let me down.

The show is an American adaptation of the Australian TV show of the same name, which also starred Jason Gann as the man-dog.  Gann is co-creator and writer, as well.  And he obviously knows the nature of dogs, since he’s taken the thoughts and behaviors of the canine species and accurately, and hilariously, inserted them into a grown man.  What this all makes for is one tremendously twisted, bizarre and ultra-entertaining scenario after another.  Add Ryan, the depressed young man on the verge of suicide who questions his sanity because he sees this doggie-disguised dude and speaks to him -and drinks with him and smokes pot out of a water bong with him -and you’ve got yourself one richly dark comedy with exponential promise.

Ethan Suplee and Fiona Gubelmann play a couple of interesting side characters, adding even more chaos to the mix.  Wood is super charming and plays the awkward, dejected twenty-something perfectly.  And Gann could not be any better as the beer-drinking, pot-smoking dog with an Australian accent.  The two leads have heart-warming chemistry, quickly forming the bond between man and his canine best friend that makes me, a dog-owner and extreme lover of the furry member of my family, think Gann must own (or have owned) a dog to be able to write the interactions between them so sharply.

I’ve long been a fan of the F/X network.  With shows like Justified and Sons of Anarchy, they’ve proven they’re exceptional at the outrageous and dramatic.  And they’re no strangers to black comedy (Louie and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which I love), either.  And now, they’ve given me one more half-hour to look forward to every week. 🙂