Gonna Steal Your Heart Away

Since Annie gave you the run-down of all the things she’s currently digging, I thought I’d share my most recent faves with you as well, since, I’m sure, you’re just dying to know.

Florence and the Machine– I was slow to get into them, and I can’t say I love every song of theirs, but “Blinding” and “Heavy In Your Arms” did me in.  “Drumming Song” and “Dog Days Are Over” are excellent work-out songs – I get so into the beat, I forget I’m jogging!

my Kindle– I was reluctant to jump on the eReader bandwagon, simply because I adore books (there’s just something about the feel of the paper in your hands), but after owning one for a few months, I’m totally a fan.  The classics are free (I’ve now read all but one of Jane Austen’s beautiful novels and I’m saving Dickens for Christmas) and it’s so light and easy to tote around; it made traveling this summer way easier.  Still love actual, paper books, but this is a great supplement.

Mumford & Sons– Annie turned me onto them over a year ago and it’s just not possible for me to get sick of them!  “Little Lion Man” and “White Blank Page” are my absolute favorites, but I truly love every song on Sigh No More.  In case you’ve been hiding inside of a mountain lately, check it: “The Cave” is crazy good.

Bill MaherReal Time with Bill Maher is pretty much the ONLY news/current events program I can watch anymore because it’s the only one that isn’t totally full of shit.  He has educated, interesting guests on who actually know what they’re talking about instead of just political pundits who make up “facts” and statistics like children pretending to be scientists.  Bill Maher brings on ACTUAL scientists.

Sons Of Anarchy– I’ve been neglecting housework and sleep to watch it.  I’m certainly not wishing the rest of summer away, but August 30th (the DVD release of season 3, which I haven’t seen yet) can’t get here fast enough!  It’s turned me into a junkie – just one more…just one more…!



4 thoughts on “Gonna Steal Your Heart Away

  1. I have been so reluctant to hop on the e-reader wagon, yet reading your simple paragraph that praises them yet still gives props to real books was a good step forward for me! As a compulsive book-reader (especially in NYC), I know I should get one. I’m such a luddite.

    • Nick – I was reluctant as well, but I don’t regret it. And Nikki and I both still read regular books as well. I think it’s a great addition to your personal library, even if you only use it for, say, traveling. 🙂

  2. Haha, is it weird that I love almost everything you mention in this post? I loveee Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons! Also, while I’m a big believer in the power of books (I work in publishing, after all!) there’s a lot to be said for replacing fifteen books in my purse with one small reader 🙂

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