You’re the Right Kind of Wrong

It’s time for another list, o wee group of followers.  🙂  Today I present to you my favorite guilty pleasures.  The movies I’m straight up ashamed to admit that I love, and also, that I OWN.  I think that these are generally disliked by most of the population who has seen them (except the last one, but we’ll get to that).  Without further adieu, and in no particular order…

1. Drive Me Crazy (1999) – Is it because I graduated from high school this year?  Is it because I thought all of Chase Hammond’s (seriously?) goofy loser friends were so cute and endearing?  Is it because there were actually a lot of people to root for (Designated Dave, DaughterJudy!) in this kind of crappy, low-rent high-school flick?  I don’t know, but I inexplicably enjoy it, along with the great late-nineties soundtrack it boasts.  “Stranded” is one of my all-time faves.

2. Loser (2000) –  The Clueless goddess, Amy Heckerling, directed this slightly standard tale of a loser who goes to college in the big city, meets an oddball cutie-pie, cue happy ending.  Even though this has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes (OUCH), I don’t believe that it’s craptastic.  I thought it was funny, Jason Biggs’ Paul was so earnest and kind and GOOD, and Mena Suvari’s Dora (adorabbbbbbbble) was both annoying, yet so darling.  I could completely understand her desire to hook up with her asshole teacher (Greg Kinnear, nailing the charming bastard role) – he was appealing, she was homeless, what’s a girl to do.  Something about the mood and tone of this film covers me in comfort like a sumptuous flannel snuggie – I’m embarrassed, but it just feels so damn good.  Oh and PLUS there are BABY KITTENS.

3. Coyote Ugly (2000) – I’m not going to insult anybody’s intelligence and say that this is a good movie – it’s not.  However, when you’re 19, and with a bunch of small-town girlfriends on a Friday night, what more do you wanna see than another young, small-town gal make it in the big city, singing and dancing her heart out, all while banging a DELICIOUS Australian?!  Oh of course I have this soundtrack, and went through a year-long phase of belting this shit out.  Looking back, oh the shame.  When my aunt and uncle took me to Vegas at 22 for the first time, I even made a point to go to the bar there of the same name, and just like the movie, it blew.

4. Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) – Nicolas Cage.  Enough said.  However, this movie thrilled me, and I don’t even care about cars at all.  Fast-paced, with a somewhat unique plot for a car-heist movie, along with that awesommmmme intro scene, I must admit that I have a hard time understanding how this is so derided.

5. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) – I’m a ginormous Trekkie, and it is generally accepted amongst fellow Trek fans that Nemesis is the worst of all Trek films.  This straight-up baffles me; when I saw it in the theater, I left thoroughly entertained (not to mention emotionally spent).  I thought it was exciting and added much to the Trek universe.  There’s a pre-Inception Tom Hardy, some Captain Janeway, and they killed off a main character, with class, in a scene of major self-sacrifice.  Still touches me, to this day.

6. Casper (1995) – The delightfully disheveled Bill Pullman, an interesting story, and a beautiful score by James Horner, all make this a kid’s flick that I can’t resist.  I know it’s cheesy, but it made my young teen self sob with its touching, heart-wrenching story, and now as a grown-up, I must watch it whenever it’s on, and accept the shame.

7. Freaky Friday (2003) – This has an 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes, so it must not be universally despised, however, I still feel slight mortification when I admit how much I love this.  Jamie Lee Curtis (I’ve always kinda wished she was my mom) and a mentally/physically healthier Lindsay Lohan tore it UP doing impressions of each other in this remake of the 1976 Jodie Foster flick.  Makes me a bit misty to remember how great Lohan used to be (Mean Girls anyone??).  This thing is actually well-written and funny, with several big, emotional payoffs, so I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about liking it, but I can’t get past the stigma.  I even love the girls’ rock band and a couple of their songs.  Oh, and I’m such a sucker for buildup to “one great kiss with a great song playing”, so I am all over this scene.

What I’ve learned from this list:  I was more susceptible to crap in my teens/early 20s, and also, apparently if a movie has at least one killer song over a decent montage or kissing scene, I’m hooked for life.

What are the films that it pains you guys to admit you adore??



6 thoughts on “You’re the Right Kind of Wrong

  1. I had to comment based on my love of Coyote Ugly — loving the reference in the title’s post, btw! The delicious Australian’s (for some reason I’m forgetting his name and can only think of the beginning when he goes by Mr. O’Donnell) stripping scene makes me choke on my Sour Patch Kids every time. And the whole songwriter-trying-to-make-it-big-in-NYC thing hilariously resonates with me, but I try not to bring it up in conversation. But if I’m being honest… I am Violet Sanford.

  2. except for freaky friday I don’t think I’ve heard of any of these! I’ll have to watch them sometime. My favorite “crappy” movie is Batteries not Included. 🙂

  3. ohmygoodness I LOVE Drive Me Crazy! Every time it was on TV in high school my best friend would come over and we’d watch it and swoon over Chase and his hair. Love. And I miss Melissa Joan Hart.

    One of my guilty pleasures would probably be Serendipity, with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. In a nutshell: two people meet during Christmas in New York and have an obvious attraction, but certain events separate them. They go their separate ways and years later, find each other again. It’s just so unrealistic and not likely, but sometimes it’s nice to just get lost in that wish and pretend it actually happened 🙂

  4. Just Like Heaven? I own it, and totally love it. 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. 13 Going on 30? I don’t think I even feel shame about that though. Mark Ruffalo seems to be a common denominator here. I wonder how much nostalgia plays into your guilty pleasure list? When another decade goes by, do you think there will be additions to this list? Or maybe it’s not even about nostalgia in GENERAL as it is about nostalgia for our YOUTH, expressed through guilty pleasure movies.

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