I Hope You Choose The One That Means The Most To You

A couple of weeks ago, my co-blogger posted this gem about the differences between men and women regarding what each gender finds attractive and what they look for in a mate.  I don’t want to repeat a post, or bore anybody, but I came across something that reaffirmed my feelings on the subject (which are right on par with hers), and I’d like to elaborate on this topic.

Source - blogs.bbcamerica.com

BBC’s Anglophenia blog, which provides many nuggets of info regarding British entertainment and celebs, is currently running a poll of “Fan Favorites, the Men of 2011.”  It’s kinda like March Madness (without the easy bracket to look at, sadly), and as I type this, they’re down to the final four.

Who are these four studs, these stallions of youth and sex appeal?  Not who you’d think, I’m sure.  I need to step aside before I tell you their names and mention that a couple of these guys, I’d quickly abandon my life for to run away with, in the Lost In Translation of my dreams.  I find these guys majorly sexy, but this post is not about my personal thoughts on the appeal of these men, it’s about WOMEN OVERALL, and I think the final four is a study in the female psyche.

Drumroll, please.  The final four are:  Alan Rickman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, and David Tennant.  All four of these men are over the age of 36, and not typically “hunky” in the manner of, say, Sean Bean, or Tom Hardy (who were both beaten badly by our semi-finalists).  I also want to tell you a few of the dudes these bastions of awesomeness decimated.  Second drumroll:  Robert Pattinson (peace out, you pre-pubescent, controlling, sparkly douche), Ewan McGregor (oh, Christian, 😦 ), Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Simon Pegg, Jason Statham, Gerard Butler, Stephen Moyer, Matthew MacFadyen, Hugh Laurie, Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig. . . the list goes on.

Imagine if you will, what “The Women of 2011” poll might look like.  I feel safe in assuming (making me an asshole, of course) that the final four would all be ladies under the age of 25 (certainly the youngest on the list would NEVER be 36!), who are smoking hot.  Sure, they might be smart or interesting as well, but that would be the icing on the cake.  They would have won the poll by being young and beautiful.

So what do the final four men have in common???  They all give the impression of being wise, mature, witty (like they would slay you with their dry, British cleverness), slightly mysterious, slightly reserved, and are all full of substance and talent.  We women don’t care what you look like, as long as you are a worthwhile being, can make us laugh and win at Jeopardy.  I think all four of these guys fit that bill.  Oh and also, two of them are death eaters (I will never miss an opportunity to use a Harry Potter reference), and two of them have voices that will make your panties melt away – as in liquefy and evaporate.

I believe this poll ends next week, and I think Rickman will take the prize.  He’s generally adored by hordes of fans around the world (many of them women, myself included), and one of the finest actors working today.  He’s also 65.  That’s an amazing feat; I imagine that if I make it to the sixth decade of my life, the only list I’ll be on is the clipboard in my doctor’s office waiting room.  This all just supports my hypothesis that as people age, the traits and physicalities they pick up along the way are all attributes that females find alluring, and men find cumbersome.

*Whines and stomps feet at unfairness of it all*                                                                  ~Annie

**UPDATE 9/3/11** Rickman won, I called it. :)~ Also, they’ve officially begun the “woman of 2011” poll as well….

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7 thoughts on “I Hope You Choose The One That Means The Most To You

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  2. I am amazed that these guys are the final four. I love Rickman and Firth. I am not surprised that Firth made it that far, but I it comes as a shock that Rickman is on the list. I have always loved
    Alan Rickman but would never had told anyone before now. How could I lust after a guy who was so evil to Harry Potter? I thought there must be something wrong with me. There probably IS something wrong with me, but it feels great to know that so many women love the dark professor!
    You made my day!

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