I Could See For Miles, Miles, Miles

I’ve been inundated with loads of new music as of late, and I have to share it, I love it so.
Foster the People – Torches – Fun, breezy, summery, catchy…. marvelous.  The media machine has chosen Pumped Up Kicks as the most buzz-worthy tune as of late – I seem to hear it constantly, everywhere I turn – many top 40 radio stations, commercials, tv shows, and films.  You should know that it’s my least favorite song on the whole album – I find the rest to be far superior.  Favorite tracks:  Houdini – sparkly, dancy, rockin’.  Helena Beat – track no. 1s are usually fantastic; this is no exception.  Any piece of music with “woohoohoo, woohoohoo, woohoohoo” should never be doubted.  I Would Do Anything For You – the claps, the “ooh la la”s, it all just makes me want to awkwardly sway/dance under a sky of falling glitter.  This is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head.
Florence+the Machine – What the Water Gave Me – This is the newest single from her upcoming November release.  Oh my god, it is so good.  Like, first-listen good.  Florence Welch is the master of the building wail…listening to her music is like having an aural orgasm – it builds and builds until everything in your stream of consciousness just explodes.
Bon Iver – Bon Vier – This album will put you into a trance-like state, with its quiet, still, falsetto-y, melodic glory.  I never have any idea what the hell he’s saying, but I’m sure it’s quite impressive.  I recommend listening in the dark, lying down, with headphones, like you’re in high school.  Favorite tracks:  Hinnom, TX – why is this song so short?!?! 😦 😦 😦 Seriously, at the fourth chorus-like section, I am longing to hit restart – this song just sends me into an oblivion.  Beth/Rest – this song is a bit odd, it sounds like it came from the ending credits of some random, cheesy, teenage 80s film, but that’s why it’s great.  It makes me want to curl up in a ball under the covers and sob, and I mean that in the best way possible.  Holocene – Jesus, this song is beautiful.  How could human ears and brains not be moved by this??????
Lights – Everybody Breaks a Glass –  The latest single from her upcoming October release.  If you’ve never heard of her, she’s gorgeous, crazy, kickass, and huge in Canada. I’ll admit she’s not for everyone (I’m sure some would compare her to typical teenybopper crap – although I despise this description), but she’s definitely for me.  Happy, electronic, synthy, at times goosebump-giving, AWESOME.  Her first CD, The Listening, is dope as well; probably one of my all-time faves.
30 Seconds to Mars – This Is War – This is not new (2009).  This is also awesome.  This is War IS a fantastic song, and it prompted me to download the entire album, which I’m loving as well.  Other great tracks:  Kings and Queens, Night of the Hunter, Hurricane.
Paramore – Monster – Yeah, this is from the newest Transformers soundtrack, but no matter.  It’s typical Paramore (angsty rock/punk/pop) and that’s awesome.  Hayley Williams is an adorable little goth-emo-punk heroine for all the miserable goth-emo-punk teen girls out there, and she’s got a great voice.  I find myself listening to this repeatedly.  I also f***ing LOVED their song Decode from the original Twilight soundtrack a few years back.  Apparently, Paramore + a movie = YES.
Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues – I guess the Foxes could be described as alt-folk, or something ridiculous like that, but the men themselves sound anything but.  Three words to describe their sound:  Rustic, harmonic, from-a-different-era.  Favorite tracks:  The solid Grown Ocean, instrumental The Cascades, frickin’ epic The Shrine/An Argument.
So..if you’re all, “I’m sick of the shitty radio, I need new music I’ve never heard of,” I urge you to check any or all of this out.  It’s all win, and also quite varied as far as genres go.  There should be somethin’ for everybody.
As my beloved Dave Matthews says, “Sing and dance, I’ll play for you tonight
And thrill at it all.” 🙂

8 thoughts on “I Could See For Miles, Miles, Miles

  1. Fleet Foxes…fantastic! Killer harmonies, some of their more unusual blends remind me of the Roches. I adore the lack of vibrato producing clean, clear voices. The drums, omg, the drums. You have to really listen at times because they are not brought to the forefront on the mixing board, but they are dramatic, driving and sexy. The overall sound reminds me of Yes (some of you will need time travel to get that reference). Love this post, you not only try to experience all kinds of music, but you are introducing us to stuff we wouldn’t find on our own. Thanks!

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