You Could Have Lived The Rest of Your Life In Blissful Ignorance and Died A Happy Pansexual Imp

Some random thoughts and links for your weekend internet-perusing pleasure:

  • I miss Ricky Gervais.  I miss him (like I know him).  I miss the outrageous things he says and his crazy, squealy voice.  I miss him berating Karl and laughing with Stephen.  I miss his adorable little cartoon self and the hilarious conversations between him and Stephen and Karl.  I MISS HIM.
  • Currently reading The Postmortal, which is about a pre-apocalyptic America in which a genetic “cure” for aging has been discovered.  What do you think will lead to the apocalypse: climate change…a pandemic virus…earthquakes and hurricanes…the wrath of God…flesh-eating zombies?  My bet is on flesh-eating zombies.  (More on that later.)
  • Hosting a Halloween party again this year and the theme is: Villains.  Thinking of dressing as Samara (from The Ring).  Who’s your favorite villain?
  • I’ve never felt any desire to go girl-on-girl, but if, suddenly, I did, I would stalk Katey Sagal until she succumbed to my powers of seduction.
  • Zooey Deschanel played the cutest, somewhat flaky but super charming sweetheart of a gal way back in Almost Famous.  And remember her in Elf?  How cute and fun and aloof (a prettier word for flaky?) and oh-so-charming she was!  Oh yeah, then in Yes Man, she was sweet and funny and quirky, albeit a bit breezy, and just the cutest!  Then came (500) Days of Summer, in which she played a slightly unusual, carefree, terribly charming…oh, wait.  That’s right.  She played Zooey Deschanel, the only character Zooey Deschanel seems capable of portraying.  New Girl?  Should just be called Zooey Deschanel.
  • This is pretty much exactly what I expected.
  • If you aren’t watching Happy Endings, here’s a reason to start.  Eliza Coupe is hilarious, but, of course, we already knew that.
  • Boiled denim and rum ham?  Seriously, guys and dolls, how is it that we haven’t talked about this???  My sincerest apologies, mon amies.  More on those crazy Philly cats soon, I promise.
  • Oh, Thursday night, where once you were sad and lonely, now you are whole.  (Well..nearly whole.  I’m talking to you, 30 Rock.)  It doesn’t say anything about me that I’ve longingly missed NBC’s Thursday night line-up, does it?  I didn’t think so.
  • Kudos to Community for starting off the season with some stellar guest appearances, the likes of which include John Goodman and Martin Starr.  That show is slowly winning me over.
  • Confession: I harbor INTENSE feelings for John Goodman.
  • Loving The Office so far this year, even though Robert California broke my heart last night when he said: “There’s something about the underdog that really inspires the unexceptional.”  It wouldn’t hurt if it wasn’t true. 😦

Have an inspiring weekend.



3 thoughts on “You Could Have Lived The Rest of Your Life In Blissful Ignorance and Died A Happy Pansexual Imp

  1. Totally agreee with your thoughts on Zooey, even though I still love her. Seriously, everyone can stop treating her like she’s new. P.S. what are your thoughts on that show? I personally love the three boys more than anything 🙂
    As for Footloose…I’m just so sad they ever decided to remake it…God bless the person who wrote that review though. If they weren’t going to remake it properly, they should be called on it.

    • I’ve only watched one episode of New Girl so far and I was underwhelmed. It isn’t the worst thing on TV but I find Zooey Deschanel more annoying than charming. And what’s with Schmidt? He’s supposed to be a womanizer? Seriously? I can’t buy the idea of him being hetero. I won’t give up on it just yet because, as my co-blogger pointed out the other day, comedies often take time to get good.

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