Fools Like Me

X here. Normally I don’t contribute to RMS unless asked; but recent television developments have actually prompted me to form an opinion I feel strongly about, and what good are my opinions if I’m not waving them around at everybody.

Let me tell you a bit about myself (this will be relevant, I promise). I’m a gal in my twenties. I’m mostly broke. I consider myself to be delightfully eccentric and nerdy (SHUT UP, IT’S DELIGHTFUL), I’m not on a mission to get married, and I have a penchant for biting sarcasm. These may not be the most glamorous characteristics, or ones that I’m proud of, but they’re real, and I know others who possess them. Sadly, I rarely see these facets of personality portrayed in leading female television characters. With the exception of Liz Lemon, whom I desperately cling to, I don’t feel I have many ladies on TV to empathize with (and justify my actions!).



Enter the three new TV shows I have adopted this fall: CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, FOX’s New Girl, and NBC’s Whitney. 2 Broke Girls features Kat Dennings in full broke (duh), bitched-up, caustic, hopeless mode–with refreshing, unapologetic candor about it all. New Girl has Zooey Deschanel as a just-jilted weirdo. Now this one is tricky. Normally I find Deschanel far more believable as a Summer–i.e. the deliverer of haughty mistreatment, rather than the receiver of it. But it’s a fact that hot girls get dumped on their asses, too. And I’m down with any girl who tosses out references to Gandalf and Middle Earth. She’s eccentric, and I appreciate it. Finally, we have Whitney (as in Whitney Cummings, who is also a creator of 2 Broke Girls, go figure). She isn’t afraid to be gross, occasionally socially inappropriate, and one of her major life goals isn’t getting a ring on her finger.

Only time will tell how these shows will develop, and which will survive past the first season. But I’m just jazzed to see these sides of the female species receive MULTIPLE TV shows built around them. I think each is worth checking out if you’re looking for a different breed of leading girls–new, broke, and all.




6 thoughts on “Fools Like Me

  1. I don’t watch television as much as I once did, and over the span of years I’ve scene the many changes in society reflected in various series. Given the current state of the economy it would be difficult if not unbelievable to bring to life a series about highly successful young women tearing up the workplace and having perfectly romantic lives. It doesn’t fit with what many women as well as men are having to cope with on a daily basis. We’re all getting kicked to the curb from time to time, but like many aspects of life there is always the opportunity to find humor in nearly every situation, even if the humor tends to be slightly on the dark side.

    • Yep, exactly! There was a scene in 2 Broke Girls where Kat Dennings cracks, “I don’t have a future;” I love seeing dark humor on prime-time CBS haha.

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