The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You

Dear Dexter,

I want you to know I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed you more than any other show.  I have watched others, but none compare to you.  It’s been several months but it feels like years have passed since I’ve last seen you.  I miss your humor, your intensity, that mischievous sparkle in your eye.  I miss the awkward social situations and late night excursions.  Your careful planning and patient waiting, the meticulous ritual you follow that makes the murders you execute feel more like artistic expressions than vigilante justice.  The attention to detail and appreciation of the darkest corners of our fragile human psyches.  Your brooding, your thoughtful inner monologue, your calm, quiet mannerisms.  I’ve missed everything about you.

You blew my mind last season, stunned me with the graceful, natural evolution of your 2 main characters, Dexter and Deb, the interesting new plot developments and the introduction and development of new characters, some who’ve completed their story arcs, others I know will reappear someday.  Most TV shows become stale by their 5th season (or long before).  But not you, Dex.  No, instead you’ve proven yourself older, wiser and more attuned to the wishes of your viewers.

I waited so patiently, waited for months for you to return in all your dark, sinister glory.  And, this past Sunday evening, as promised, you did not disappoint.  You kicked off the episode (and the season) with the killing of a couple paramedics who let their patients die in order to harvest their organs for profit – you always know how to get me hooked right from the start.  Watching you awkwardly dance to MC Hammer (innocently asking, How does Hammer time differ from regular time?) and catch up with old high school acquaintances, all the while patiently waiting for the opportunity to get a DNA sample from your next victim, the star-football-player-turned-wife-killer, made me giggle with schoolgirl pleasure.  Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos (and – tell me it’s true – Mos Def!!) have joined this season’s roster and have already declared themselves to the Miami PD, in a brutal and intriguing way, I might add.  Which reminds me, don’t think I missed that excited expression in your eyes when you discovered baby snakes in that man’s disemboweled corpse.  I haven’t seen you have fun like that in so long!  I don’t care that more than a year has magically passed and the entirety of the Batista-LaHeurta union right along with it.  Or that there is no explanation for the absence of Astor and Cody.  Or your sudden desire to explore religion.  I don’t even care that Quinn is now so thin, he appears to have aged 10 years instead of one.  I’m just so damn happy you’re back!

And back in pre-marriage Dexter form, I might add.  Not that I didn’t like Rita, but being a husband and father and blood-splatter analyst AND serial killer was just too much for you to keep up with!  But not now.  You’ve got Batista’s little sister for your nanny, Astor & Cody inexplicably out of the picture, and Quinn (at least for the time being) off your back.  Nothing can stop you.  Let your freak flag fly!  Or, more accurately, let your dark passenger drive, Dexter.  I’m strapped in, ready for the ride.



5 thoughts on “The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You

  1. It makes me so happy when I find other Dexter lovers! Nikki I didn’t know that you were…I would have been hounding you at work with emails about it! I understand what you guys are saying about when times up its up…but Dex if going to have a long run. It better…I love it tooo much!!
    Kim P

    • You can email me ANYTIME to talk about Dexter. I am smitten with that show, I love it so much. I don’t think it’s showing any signs of decline yet. In fact, the 5th season is my favorite so far. I hope it can keep it up. So far this season, I’m impressed. Plus, I love Mos Def, so I’m psyched he’s joined the cast. It’s the best show currently on TV, I think. And Michael C. Hall is perfect. I’ve been hounding Ann to get caught up with it!

  2. I absoultely love Dexter. Seaons 2 and 4 were by far my favorites. John Lithgow was SUCH a great bad guy. And Layla….man, what a nut job (and I loved Dokes)! Loved it. As much as I love the show, I sincerely hope Season 6 is the last season (for many reasons of which I could get in to futher if you’d like). I also hope that Deb finds out about Dexter. I really want to see that conversation and how she reacts.

    • WHY do you want Season 6 to be the last?? I think every show should stop as soon as it runs out of steam, and if Season 6 is that season for Dexter, then I agree. But last season was so great and this first episode shows serious promise, so why do you think it’s time to stop?
      I would LOVE Deb to find out about Dexter. In the graphic novels on which this show is based, she finds out fairly early on. (I haven’t read them, but have read about the differences between them and the series.) I’m not sure what she would do. Hopefully, before the series ends, we’ll find out. 🙂

      • First of all, I think shows get and end better when they know they have a definitive end in mind. The show seems more cohesive that way. I think of Lost as a good example. It started out great then got pretty bad in season 3. Then they knew they had x number of years left on the show and were able to build up and work towards a conclusion. But I digress…

        While I enjoyed Season 5, I thought the writing showed minute signs of decline. It seemed they opened up plot points and brushed them aside, never to address them again (ie: Quinn finding Trinity’s son and asking about Kyle Butler. That was never addressed again).

        I think my biggest concern is that the writing goes the way of The Office or Season 5 of The Wire and I lose interest. I LOVED The Wire; I HATED Season 5. I wish I never watched Season 5 of The Wire. I wish they would have ended it with Season 4.

        I don’t want this to happen with Dexter.

        It is easily my favorite show on TV right now and I want it to go out on top. I want them to end it so I can say, “that was a solid series from beginning to end.” I don’t want to say, “Dexter was great, but the last few seasons were kind of crap.”

        If that rambling makes any sense. 🙂


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