Sleep With One Eye Open (Halloween Series, Part 2)

I am so ready for the zombie apocalypse.  I’ve seen nearly every zombie movie and the first season of The Walking Dead (pretty damn good, by the way) and when the shit goes down, I’ll be among the survivors.  Watch these and maybe you could join me.

Resident Evil- I never played the video game so I had zero expectations when I sat down to watch this flick.  I was seriously impressed with everything: the plot, the characters, the action, Milla Jovovich’s bad-assness.  In the near-certain event of the risen dead, she’s who I want to be.

Shaun of the Dead- Simon Pegg and Nick Frost show us how to survive in a community full of the former dead returned to eat the living while simultaneously winning back your lady love and making amends with your mum.  How very practical.  Also, if your best friend gets bitten and consequently transformed into a zombie, turns out, you don’t have to kill him.  Thanks guys.  That’s a comfort.

Night of the Living Dead- Yep, even in 1968, they were preparing for it.  I don’t live near a farmhouse, so all of the lessons here might not be of use to me but the most valuable of them: Don’t get so panicked that you kill the only guy willing and able to help you survive.  I know, I know…easier said than done, right?

Zombieland- This is pretty much a “survivor’s guide” for those of us who want to be ready.  Watch it and take diligent notes.  (When you aren’t cracking up, that is.)  You won’t be sorry.  Most valuable lesson: Do NOT shoot Bill Murray until you are CERTAIN he is a zombie.  You don’t want that baggage.

28 Days Later- My most favorite of all zombie flicks, this is chalk full of helpful tips.  And beautiful English scenery.  And loads of violence, disease, morally-corrupt Army officers, even a bit of a romance.  Which leads me to this one’s most valuable lesson: Don’t neglect to trust some people.  Friendships will be pertinent to survival.  Think about it – the world will be overrun with flesh-eating, enlivened human carcasses.  Who can face that alone?

Hope to see you on my side.



6 thoughts on “Sleep With One Eye Open (Halloween Series, Part 2)

  1. Amazing! The last 3 weeks I’ve jumped on the zombie band wagon and can’t get enough. I read World War Z…fantastic book. And Haters. While not technically zombies, its along those lines. Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are my 2 favorite zombie flicks but I do love 28 days later. Great post!

  2. Nice to see I’m no the only one who enjoyed Resident Evil! And hey, where is the Dawn of the Dead remake? That would definitely be on my list.

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