They Say That A Hero Can Save Us

Have you guys been paying attention to the impressive comedic talent that is Melissa McCarthy?  Chica is blowing my mind with her absolute fearlessness.

I was a Gilmore Girls fan back in the day, and she was fine as Sookie, but I had no clue what she was capable of.  Bridesmaids (and I guess Mike & Molly, which I don’t watch, so can’t really comment on) brought notice to the fact that she’s a great comedian, but I wasn’t sure if that came mostly from the writing.  I know comedic acting and timing is extremely difficult, but that script seemed so flipping awesome, I wasn’t sure how much of that she came up with.  Go watch the extras on the blu-ray, and watch her riff one line for like, 20 minutes.  It will blow your mind.  Then watch her on SNL and notice how she NOT ONE TIME breaks her mask of commitment.  She didn’t chuckle, or even get that little glint in her eye that you see others do when they begin to almost crack up at themselves. She just went for it.

I can’t imagine having balls that size.  She reminds me of a female Chris Farley, and I really don’t mean that with any disrespect.  She just seems to commit, and go for it, and a LOTTTT of her comedy on SNL was physical.  Farley would do things that made you think, first of all, HOW ARE YOU EVEN CAPABLE OF DOING THAT, and then, HOW ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS?  The skit where she attacked and humped balloons in front of Jason Sudeikis took some physical skill, and tons of cojones.

It was awesome to see her win that Emmy and she mentioned how surreal it was, since she’s from Indiana, to be standing on that stage.  I love hearing stories like that, and I can’t freaking WAIT to see stuff she’ll be coming out with next.  I want her to go down in history as a legendary female comic actress.  Seriously, I’m soooo not worthy.



6 thoughts on “They Say That A Hero Can Save Us

  1. I thought foster the people looked TOTALLY TERRIFIED!!! It was slightly endearing actually, but overall, it’s hard to enjoy the musical guest, like, ever, because of poor miking imo.

    • hahahah, “like, ever” — coldplay (the first time jon hamm hosted) was amazing. I feel like there’s other but I forget. You are probably right 😦 Maybe if you’re actually IN the studio audience it’s kickass.

  2. @NeptuneMonkey- it has its moments, that’s for sure!!!!! Did you see Foster the Peeps on there?? I thought they were lackluster, and that shiny, glossy sound just didn’t translate well live. 😦

    @Kim- I know. I KNOW!!!!!! I want to party with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BrIan said the same thing, that she reminds him of Chris Farley. Because she is freakin hilarious and she doesn’t really have to work at it. She is AWESOME!!

  4. omg those skits were fricking hilarious!!! she’s great!!! also I think SNL has quietly been getting awesome again. 🙂

  5. I don’t want hardly any SNL anymore and I loved her in these skits. “You’re going to ruin this for us”. Her hand gestures were also hilarious in the first one.

    “Yeah shut up (I couldn’t hear the name)”. “Yeah, I’m working here. I’m working on the lady boner this one is going to put in my pants”

    She is as far out there and direct with comedy as you can get. I always enjoy watching her.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Those lines stuck out to me

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