Make Me Laugh For Just A Little While

This week in television was, overall, underwhelming.  But there were some bright spots and promises of more excitement to come.  So…here they are, the best of this week in the order in which I watched them:

1. Dexter- Look at you, episode 2, raising the stakes already!  Deb is now lieutenant and she turned down Quinn’s marriage proposal, Dexter got a second chance at Brother Sam (Mos Def!!!!), one he let pass because someone much more obviously evil stepped in to take his place, and the creepiest duo of the decade, Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks (looking more and more like his dad, by the way), believe they’ve started the apocalypse.  So far, season 6 is kicking ass. (I expected nothing less.)

2. How I Met Your Mother- Most of the time, I’m not sure why I even watch this show.  I can’t stand Ted and the constant overacting drives me bonkers.  This week, however, offered one of those rare episodes that reminds me why I bother.  There was very little Ted, the storyline involving Marshall and his boss- the always outstanding Martin Short- kept me interested and Barney was, well, Barney.  What made this episode great, though, was Robin and her former therapist/new boyfriend, played by the absurdly charming Kal Penn.  I know, I know…therapists should NEVER date their patients, even when they’re not their patients anymore.  But, just for good TV, I love Robin with Kevin.  I hope he lasts a while; I need a reason to keep watching.

3. Sons of Anarchy- the 5th installment of this season and the shit has officially hit the fan.  Several characters reached a crossroads this week, and I’ll start with Juice.  At the close of last week’s episode, I felt at a loss as to how he was going to wrangle out of the mess he got into with the stolen cocaine.  Shooting an innocent man at close range IN HIS FACE was not an option that immediately came to mind.  I don’t know how he’ll shake the sheriff or what the club would really do if they knew Juice’s dad is black, but I’m eager to find out.  Onto the other insanely intense plot point: Clay’s decision to enlist Romeo in Tara’s murder.  That’s right, TARA’S MURDER!!  Clay wants to murder Jax’s old lady, for god’s sake!  Which effectively completes his transition into this season’s main villain.  Jax (and maybe Gemma) will never forgive him this, whether he pulls it off or not.  (I hope not.)  Man, I love this show.

4. American Horror Story- The second episode trumps the first, I have to say, with its much more evenly-paced plot and dangerous tone.  Yet another murder inside the house has been revealed, and an attempt at reenactment made, and Constance (Jessica Lange) showed herself as something of a villain, trying to feed Violet (why Violet?) a cupcake full of ipecac syrup and Adelaide’s saliva.  And Tate, the sociopathic patient with a crush on his shrink’s daughter, though a hero in this episode, now appears to be some sort of ghost!  I don’t know how much sense it will make or whether it’ll last more than one season, but I think, if nothing else, this show is a fun ride.

5. Parks & Recreation- Though I enjoyed the Wilderness Weekend/Pawnee Goddesses storyline, Tom Haverford and Donna totally stole the show this week and CRACKED ME UP!  Kudos to Ron Swanson for being such a grown-up after his boy scouts bailed on him and Ben for owning his nerdiness and opening up to Tom and Donna.  But seriously, Treat Yourself 2011 tops it all.  This show is my weekly treat. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Make Me Laugh For Just A Little While

    • I honestly ALMOST put Happy Endings in there. The second half of the episode was really good but the first half kind of sucked, I thought. The whole neck thing that made Elisha Cuthbert’s upper body stiff? Weird. It was okay, not as good as last week, in my opinion. Not quite list-worthy. 🙂

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