Life Holds For You One Guarantee, You’ll Always Have Me

I love a good celeb couple, the kind you might not expect to be together, but they’re each kind of awesome, so you feel super squee-happy that they found each other — oh wait, that’s probably just me. 🙂 Here are some of my favorites – people who I had no clue were in relationships, and when I discovered they were, I felt a burst of happiness and excitement.  Again, probably just me.  Even though I have not, nor will ever meet them, it just makes me happy that they’re together.

  • Christopher Guest & Jamie Lee Curtis – I’d love for Curtis to be my mom (I adored the way she channeled a bratty teen in Freaky Friday) and if Guest is anything like his movies (quirky, hilarious, quirky, and way quirky); I can only imagine what it would be like to hang out with them.  The aweosmeness is staggering.
  • Jessica Lange & Sam Shepard – I love Shepard from Baby Boom and Steel Magnolias (child of the 80s) and Lange is endlessly classy, gorgeous, and appears to be aging like a normal human – which makes me respect her all the more.  Plus she’s got the balls to be in crazy stuff like American Horror Story and Grey Gardens.  I had no IDEA these two have been in an almost 30-year relationship.  I also kinda heart when people are together forever withOUT being married. *Refreshing*
  • Anna Faris & Chris Pratt – The more-wonderful-by-the-week Parks & Recreation introduced me to Pratt, and after a season or two, his idiotic but lovable Andy really grew on me.  Faris is mostly adorable and can be very funny when given the right material, so it warmed my heart to hear they were together.  In my fantasies they’d be like, the funnest couple ever:  Goofy, hilarious, and charming.
  • Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen – This is new, but I still was excited.  I cannot imagine someone disliking either of them.  McAdams is one of the most sparking, vivacious actresses around.  Sheen has that British quality that makes you love him.  He can be dramatic (Frost/Nixon), comedic (Wesley Snipes on 30 Rock anybody?  One of my favoritest things EVER!), androgynously techno (Tron: Legacy), or totes charming (he was married to Kate BECKINGSALE for goodness sake).  Plus there’s an age difference.  I LOVE age differences, and older men.  😉
  • Genie Francis & Jonathan Frakes – One of my all-time favorite celeb couples.  Soap opera princess + Enterprise First Officer = magic.  Plus, Commander Riker was one of my first major celeb crushes, and who doesn’t like Luke & Laura?  (Unless you’re under 30, then you don’t know who either of these people are) And they’ve been together for like, a hundred years, and now have some sort of online home furnishing retailer, which I find to be completely precious.  Yay for true love.
  • Megan Mullaly & Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) – OH.MY.GOD.  I love these two.  I want to have lunch with them so badly, you have no idea.  Mullaly plays Swanson’s unstable ex Tammy on Parks & Rec (I know, I plug this show incessantly), and if you want your mind to be blown, watch any Ron/Tammy episode.  You’ll never look at the world the same way again.
  • Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz – They’re hotttttt, they’re age-appropriate, they’re private, British, what more do you want?  Jesus, I’m jealous of them both.
  • Private Practice subset: *DISCLAIMER* How the hell I like so many couples from this show (yet another of my ballandchains that I refuse to stop watching) is beyond me.  It’s called love/hate, and it’s not my fault.
  1. Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel – They just had a baby; I cannot fathom the beauty this child must possess.  Unnfff!!!!!  I saw Menzel at House of Blues once, she was stunning, warm, and talented beyond belief.  She talked casually about Taye and the audience went ballistic.  Between Rent and Wicked, they’re a Broadway match made in heaven.
  2. Paul Adelstein & Liza Weil – I used to be madly in love with Dr. Cooper Freedman because he’s crazy adorable (I now loathe his self-righteous, always-putting-the-practice-at-risk pediatrician).  When I discovered that he’s married to Weil, who was Paris, the controlling, perfection-obsessed pal of Rory on Gilmore Girls (one of my many loves), I was thrilled.  And they just had a baby.  I love that Paris has a baby.
  3. Madeline Stowe & Brian Benben – Sheldon is my favorite on Practice – he’s not annoying, or stupid, and doesn’t try to ruin anyone else’s life.  Therefore, he gets crappy romantic subplots while everyone else participates in gag-inducing sex-marathon montages.  On second thought, maybe he IS lucky … anyway, turns out in real life he’s been married to Ms. Last of the Mohicans for 25 years!  YAY SHELDON!  And now she too has a show in ABC.  *Happy ending*



5 thoughts on “Life Holds For You One Guarantee, You’ll Always Have Me

  1. Damn girl, I dont know how you know all this stuff. First-Who is Liza Weil? Is she on the show now or just an actress married to Cooper? Is Cooper a DB now on the show, not that I care but just curious? Did not know about half of the peeps on your list-Jessica Lange/Sam Shephard, Rachel Mcadams/Michael Sheen (love him by the way), Madeline Stowe/Brian Benben (WHAT…would have never thought that, but very cute). LOVE, LOVE that Megan Mulally and Nick Offerman are together! Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz would be pretty Hott too. What no Brad and Angelina…haha totally just kidding!! One of my favs that are together and makes me happy Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, but they are an obvious one-I think everyone knows they are together.

    • Kim – Liza Weil is an actress who played Paris on Gilmore Girls. She was this crazy control freak who was obsessed with getting A’s and stuff; she was a completely wacky character. She did guest star on Private Practice one time as a patient, it was a couple seasons ago I think. I don’t know what a “DB” is tho :/
      Can you believe all those people are together??!! I was so happy that Sheldon is married to madeline stowe, I don’t know why, I just was.
      Also, I too totally love Kurt/Goldie but I didn’t think they were obscure enough for this list, haha.
      Did you see my comment above yours where I said I just found out that Bryce Dallas Howard is married to Lincoln from Fringe?!?!

  2. I lovelovelove this post! I’m so glad there’s someone out there besides me and my best friend who think about this stuff 😀 But I must say, there have been so many celeb breakups recently, it sucks. Still:
    Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are like a king and queen. They’re ridiculous and awesome and wonderful and SO talented. I DIDN’T KNOW Paul Adelstein was married to Paris!!!!! (Yes, I’m calling her Paris because she will forever be Paris to me.) That just made my life. So. freaking. awesome. He is an awesome dude.
    I was so happy when I found out about Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiscz. They totally fit even though it came out of the blue that they were married. Not complaining at all. Love them and hope they stay together forever. The Rachel McAdams-Michael Sheen pairing confused me at first, I’ll admit (partly because I was hoping her and Ryan Gosling would give it another go), but I kinda love them now…they’re just unexpectedly sweet. And again, both uber-talented.
    Great post! 😀

    • aww, I’m so glad somebody shares my love for these things. ISN’T IT AWESOME that Cooper is married to Paris?!?!?! I just found out TODAY that Bryce Dallas Howard is married to Lincoln from Fringe (not sure if you watch that)… another mind-blower. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for you comment girlie!!! 🙂

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