Everyday I’m Tumblin’

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I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like…books, records, films–these things matter. Call me shallow but it’s the fuckin’ truth.

– High Fidelity

The other day I logged into Facebook, and chills of horror (and vague disinterest) ran down my spine.  My entire newsfeed was literally marriages and babies.  I conducted my necessary business, and got the hell out of there.

Then I went over to the newest site on my never-ending list of internet priorities/black holes of time:  Tumblr.  I didn’t really used to understand what Tumblr was about.  So you make posts but they’re categorized into quotes or pictures or text…so the hell what?  What I didn’t realize was that it’s a hub for fans of entertainment.  Pick a movie or celebrity or TV show.  ANYTHING.  I promise you it has a whole fandom, waiting to welcome you with open, crazed arms–and it’s on Tumblr.  If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a friend to squee with about the latest, craziest shit that went down on your favorite TV show–but everyone on your Facebook is talking about the latte or baby they just had–go make an account.  If you want to relive your favorite moments from your favorite movies–GO MAKE AN ACCOUNT.  Cause they’re squeein’.  And gif’n.  And writing crazy, awesome captions all over everything.

Now Tumblr definitely has a learning curve.  I had no idea what the hell I was doing the first few weeks that I used it.  You’ll figure it out as you go along.  And like any social website, it has its flaws.  But when I log in, my dashboard (Tumblr’s equivalent of a newsfeed–showing all the latest posts from people you follow) was a lovely flood of The Avengers news, Tron, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and all the other stuff I dig.  It’s got the THIS IS HAPPENING NOW vibe of Facebook newsfeed, without the draining of my soulforce (Tumblr users are aware of this).  Follow folks that like something you like–and chances are, they’ll be fans of other things you enjoy–or that you SHOULD or WOULD like.  It’s birds of a feather at its finest.  And it goes beyond entertainment–if you love SOMETHING, ANYTHING, there is a blog for it.  By creating your own posts, or reblogging the posts of others, your Tumblr becomes a representation of yourself through the entertainment you enjoy, and random crap you love.  Though it is technically a blogging site, there is social networking overlap.  It’s impersonally personal.  It’s not driven by you or your name or who you know or stalking your ex–it’s driven by content.  I always figured Tumblr was just another site for people to post crap.  And it is.  But you can tailor it to the crap you care about.  It has a very special niche in the internet universe.  It’s like some glorious freak fusion of social networking, blogging, viruses (the biological sort), and message boards.

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I won’t bash Facebook, because I use it (sparingly), and it has its place.  But if you’re not one of those people that is addicted to it–but you’ve got an addictive (and possibly misanthropic) personality, and you’re ripe for something to latch onto–try Tumblr.

Where the only relationship news you’ll have to deal with is people talking about who they ship.