So I’m clutching it tight, another glass in my hand

Annie recently sent me a link to a list of fan-created, Harry Potter-themed, alcoholic drinks.  The list was decent, but it inspired me to make my own, possibly better list.  The thing about drink lists is that I think sometimes the creators are more focused on the alcohol.  I’m more into the theme here.  I’m no mixologist, so I’m not sure what ingredients would create certain colors or effects that I want.  But I think it’s more important to start with a strong theme, and build the alcohol flair on top of that.

Some typical alcoholic beverages.

Image via Wikipedia

I split the list into groups, based on what the drink name comes from (a magical object, character, spell, actual liquid potion, etc.).  I’ve also linked each name to its corresponding Harry Potter Lexicon page, for more information.  And finally, I included cheesy taglines where my creativity allowed.


  1. Avada Kedavra – including all three Unforgivables seems a bit obvious, but if you were to do just one, it’d have to be this.  If only so that it can be green!  Plus, like Avada Kedavra, alcohol can technically kill you.
  2. Crucio – whatever this is, it would have to be a shot that is so obnoxious, it would burn the mouth and esophagus of even the most hardened alcoholic.  You should at least have to wince in pain when you drink this.
  3. Imperio – again, the Unforgivables are really good drink material, because their effects are similar to alcohol.  Being completely drunk is not so different from being under Imperio.  Besides this basic parallel, I sadly have no creative ideas for this one.  Anybody got any ideas?
  4. Sectumsempra“You’ll feel like you got hit with it the next morning!” – this functions a bit like Imperio for me, except that it has perhaps an even cooler name (imagine ordering it)!  And I enjoy the tagline.
  5. Patronus – this would simply have to be a gorgeous, ethereal silver blue.  Ann suggested Blue Curacao for coloring, and the alcohol would have to be Patron Tequila!


  1. Horcrux – this one is perhaps the hardest, because a Horcrux can be any object.  I think I just added it to the list because it would sound cool when you ordered it, and it’s obviously a very important part of the novels.
  2. Portkey“Transports you to a magical place” – I have no idea what this would actually be.  Maybe just some Port wine.  Fairly simple, but portkeys have to be unassuming after all.
  3. Goblet of Fire – this HAS to be one of those drinks that is served on fire.

Characters – I know it’s possible to really go to town with this category, but for brevity’s sake, I list the ones I think would potentially be the most awesome.

  1. Bloody Baron – this would be based on a Bloody Mary, I suppose, but I still think it’s a great, fun name for a traditional drink.  Maybe, to give it a touch of originality, you could get one of those little plastic sword mixer things to serve in the glass.
  2. Umbridge – her wicked nature but unassuming and ironic love of pink make for a great drink metaphor, I think.  It could be colored an obnoxious girly pink, but have something in it that will kick your ass, like Everclear.


  1. Elixir of Life – I don’t believe the look of this is ever described, but maybe it could be red, like the stone in the movie?  Maybe a vodka and cranberry?
  2. Unicorn Blood– if this could somehow be a molten silver, that
    Vector image of the symbol of the Deathly Hall...

    Image via Wikipedia

    would be great.  And being hung-over is a bit of a cursed life, really.

  3. Polyjuice Potion – this could be a Mudslide.
  4. Wolfsbane – this stops you from going crazy when you turn into a werewolf.  Where’s the fun in that?  This was Annie’s idea.  She should think it through a bit more!
  5. Felix Felicis – if there isn’t a way to make this look like liquid gold, it’s got to at least have some Goldschlager in it.
  6. Veritaserum – why do so many spells and potions have analogous effects to alcohol?  Anyway, this would have to be clear.


  1. Pure-blood – this would be a completely clear drink, whatever it is.  No garnishes, nothing.  Complete purity.
  2. Mudblood – and this would be a bomb that is served in conjunction with a Pure-blood.  You’d drop the Mudblood into the Pure-blood, so it would change color.
  3. Dementor’s Kiss – again, I’m unsure as to how this would appear–can it somehow be cloudy gray and sad-looking?  It would also be another one that has to be particularly harsh, alcohol-wise.

Cheers! ~X.


5 thoughts on “So I’m clutching it tight, another glass in my hand

  1. I love how much thought you put into these drinks and I totally think we should have a partay just to make & drink as many of them as we can physically tolerate. I actually did get drunk on margaritas mixed with Blue Curacao years ago and had to clean up my blue vomit the next day! I didn’t use Patron Tequila, which would have been much smoother and tastier, but still, I think I’ll have to pass on the Patronus. Otherwise, count me in!

    Great post!

    • WHO SAYS WE CAN’T DO THIS? WE CAN DO IT! But Annie will have to have restrictions placed on her, because otherwise she will throw up on walls.

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