Mele Kalikimaka Is The Thing To Say

Dear friends, loyal subscribers, lurkers, transient readers and first-timers (to this blog):

Today, in light of the impending holiday season and all of its accoutrement, I’d like to talk to you about holiday movies.  Annie and I will, sometime in the very near future, provide for you a list of our most beloved holiday movies, but for now I want to talk about what makes the great ones great.  (For the purposes of this post, a holiday movie is defined as a film set during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season, which may or may not involve New Year’s, and in which the holiday itself plays an integral role.)

For me, a really good holiday movie must include all (or most) of the following:

  • the feel of home and family (both the warmth and the aggravation)
  • enough stress to be relate-able and/or to feel real
  • enough humor to cut the tension
  • at least one parent-to-child conflict
  • at least one sibling-to-sibling conflict
  • snow (I’ve never seen a great holiday flick set in Hawaii, or anywhere that doesn’t get snow during the winter)
  • alcohol and at least one somebody-drank-too-much-and-made-a-scene scene
  • one or more scenes in a crowded shopping mall
  • a soundtrack that includes either (or both) modern holiday music or the Christmas classics
  • a climactic scene involving a balls-out everything’s-going-to-shit freak-out
  • Christmas carolers
  • a botched holiday party/celebration

Tell me: have I forgotten anything?  Stay tuned for the flicks we recommend to enhance your holiday season.



5 thoughts on “Mele Kalikimaka Is The Thing To Say

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  2. I’m already pumped to start working on our favorite holiday flicks 🙂 🙂 🙂 But then it can go different ways: movies that you like to watch DURING the holiday season, or xmas-themed movies. Cause I love to watch me some Lord of the Rings and Sound of Music at Christmastime, and those movies sho’ ain’t about xmas. Let the discussions and serious pondering begin 🙂

    • Very good point. If a 2nd list is not created, you should at least give shout outs to those kinds of movies.LotR definitely = Xmas, and dude even HP, cause back before ABC Fam did HP marathons each weekend, they ALWAYS did them the first weekend of Dec. And I’d have Xmas lights up and be studying for finals. Sigh.

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