Suddenly I See

An audience views a film using 3D glasses

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Went to see Martin Scorsese’s Hugo tonight (review to come!) and we opted for the 3D showing.  I’m not a lover or hater, really, of the medium, but there have certainly been times I loved it, and hated it, depending on the film.  So the news of certain ginormous films being re-released in the next coming months and years in the format has me filled with both excitement and trepidation.

The trailers at Hugo were for a variety of upcoming 3D films, mostly things like The Lorax and The Adventures of Tin-Tin.  But suddenly, a murky, underwater image of a sunken ship appeared on screen and before my “thinking” brain knew what hit it, my “emotional” brain imploded with all the love and intense feelings I have for James Cameron’s Titanic, along with every explosive emotion that came with being 16 and 17 years old, and remembering what I was doing and thinking and saying and smelling when I went to see

Cover of "James Cameron's Titanic"

Cover of James Cameron's Titanic

that flick (NINE times in the theater, no less. It might be a record, just sayin’.).  No lie, when that soaring theme was flooding my ears and a montage of the film was flashing before my eyes, I immediately started crying – I couldn’t help it.  Do I think 3D is going to help this film?  Not really.  To be honest, every time I catch this on TV, I am loath to admit that the special effects haven’t held up, and the acting is cheesy as all get out.  I don’t think retrofitting it to 3D is going to look all that great.  What I AM way pumped for is the opportunity to see this again in a theater.  Some films are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more fucking magical in an auditorium, surrounded by a screen, darkness, and however-many watts of sound.  I’m not necessarily pumped for the 3D, but I’m stoked into a fire of absolute JOY thinking about it being in an actual theater again.

Tron: Legacy

The same can be said for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the Star Wars films – all being re-released over the next couple of years.  The movies that have blown me away with their 3D-ness were films that were SHOT  in 3D.  Not converted to, after the fact.  Avatar is obviously, and rightfully, the standard, but the under-appreciated Tron: Legacy was a feast to the senses, as was How To Train Your Dragon (whose flight sequences were far more exhilarating than Avatar‘s).  Converting movies gives you Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (or Clash of the Titans, Transformers, we could go on).  A mediocre film that was quite visually interesting, but when you throw in the post-production 3D, it looks so muddy and stupid, it ends up taking away from whatever you were trying to attain.

I know for a fact that I’ll pay to go see these most (if not all) of these again, they can have my money – I WANT to give it to them.  But not for the 3D.  Just for the enjoyment of having the all-encompassing, immersive, blast-from-my-past adventure of seeing them again on the big screen.