Do You Believe In Magic?

Stories like The Chronicles Of Narnia and Harry Potter teach us there is more to this world than meets the eye.  That if we were to visit our grandparents’ house, or a great aunt or uncle, perhaps, and rummage through their home until we found a dusty old wardrobe, or a closet or basement or attic, we’d uncover a hidden world.  A world full of wonder.  An alternate reality in which true magic is possible.  Animals can talk and behave as people, people can perform spells or transform into other species, one could fly or breathe under water or become a great hero to the folks of this other world…the possibilities are endless.

Then, of course, we grow up and enter the so-called real world and discover that the possibilities for us, for our lives, for our potential, even, do, in fact, have limits.  A friend of mine believes we have to make our own magic.  She chooses to believe in ghosts and the power of rituals.  She’s even gone as far as to hide ornaments and small gifts when her grandchildren come to visit, then pretend not to know a thing about them after the kids discover them, providing for them her own brand of magic (a genius idea, I think).

I’ve heard of vision boards and the power of positive thinking, a la The Secret, essentially willing something into existence with your own solid belief in it.  And, of course, I’ve seen people on Oprah or The Today Show talk about how this has worked for them.  But I don’t actually know anyone who’s life has been significantly changed (for better or worse) because of these things.  I don’t mean to be a downer here.  Or call anyone a phony.  I, like everyone else, would like to believe that anything really is possible for anyone (to be said like Amy Jellicoe of Enlightened) and am finding it difficult to do.  That we don’t all have to be born into wealth and circumstance, or marry into it, or just happen to know the right people.  That we could, somehow, transcend whatever limitations we might have and make our lives what we want them to be.  Is this possible?

Perhaps I’m only thinking about this because we’re closing in on the most magical time of the year.  Or because another year is ending and it’s hard not to take inventory.  Tell me what you think.



5 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Magic?

  1. Magic is everywhere… its in the stars that shine at night, its the reason why the clouds can float in the sky, its how fireflies can light up, its all magic! Its the awesome creation of God that makes magic so real.

    • You had me at stars, Jeyna, but lost me at the end. But let this be an example of ” the Christians and the Pagans sitting together at the table, finding peace and common ground the best that they were able” (Dar Williams). You find magic in God’s creation, which is way cool. I find that same awesome magic in just being a part of this amazing cosmos. We are all star stuff and if that is not magic, what is? I love that you see magic in the stars, the clouds, and fireflies. Recognizing magic is the hard part, we each have our own belief system for how it got there.

  2. I think magic comes in varying degrees. When it comes to say, everyone achieving their wildest dreams–like you, I don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s not possible. Just based on probability alone, I think. It happens, but probabilistically, not to everyone.
    But I think everyone could attempt to put in an effort at making themselves happy (I think being happy and achieving your wildest dreams can be separate things).
    AND, most IMPORTANTLY, I think that magic…well, I don’t want to call it that–but I’ll say that I do think there are many things about this universe that we don’t understand. I’ve had weird shit happen to me, things that make me 100% positive that there is a lot going on beyond our realm of knowledge–and that, I think, is wondrous, and even though I spend a lot of time hating the universe for being a shitty place, it makes me happy that moments like that can occur at all–that I can still find ways to be surprised in this life.
    I didn’t vote in the poll though, because #2 was the closest option but I wasn’t on board with everyone achieving their dreams bit.

  3. I really love this post. I’ve always loved the magical world I could escape to in books, and while I have my moments where I wish I lived in one of those books, I think it’s true to say we can make our own magic. It might come in different forms at different stages of our life, but I’d like to believe our own type of magic is possible 🙂

  4. I believe you DO have to make your own magic. You could go through your whole life coming up with a logical explanation for every unusual thing that you witness. To me this sounds very cold and boring. At one point in my life I decided to open my mind to other possibilities and allow wonders to occur. To go with your feeling that you are part of a magical world and connected to everything else provides a great alternative to the sterility of a life without magic. The choice is there for each of us and you can decide that there is no magic and live a life as tastless as porridge. My choice has been to allow the possibility of another layer of life where magic can happen and I can be a part of something greater than the daily grind. Go ahead and explain away anything you don’t understand. I prefer to allow the possibility that life holds some marvelous mysteries that are more fun to explore than to dismiss.

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