Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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A few months ago, I wrote this post, regarding the BBC’s Anglophenia Blog, which hosted a poll for readers to vote on the “Fan Favorites: Man of 2011.”  There were lots of obviously sexy, typical hunks listed, but the winner was a 65-year old (who admittedly, I adore, but this is besides the point).

I ranted and raved that if a women’s poll were ever created the winner most certainly would NOT be north of 60, hell, I didn’t believe she’d be north of 30.  “Imagine if you will, what “The Women of 2011″ poll might look like.  I feel safe in assuming (making me an asshole, of course) that the final four would all be ladies under the age of 25 (certainly the youngest on the list would NEVER be 36!), who are smoking hot.  Sure, they might be smart or interesting as well, but that would be the icing on the cake.  They would have won the poll by being young and beautiful.”

Hahaha, ooommmmffff.  That’s the sound of me laughing crazily, then shoving my foot in my mouth, because the winner of the poll was Helena Bonham Carter.  HBC is 45, not conventionally hot in any way, and slightly bonkers.  Like her male winning counterpart, Alan Rickman, she’s seriously talented and has lots of admirers – obviously, she won the damn poll.  I think HBC is cute and goofy and I dig the fact that she always looks like a disheveled enchantress.  She obviously is who she is and to hell with the rest, which I greatly admire.  I’m super happy she won, even as I’m ingesting my words.

What’s even crazier is the rest of the final four:  Emma Watson (no surprise – young and gorgeous), JK Rowling, and Dame Maggie Smith (who is 76 – way older than Rickman). !!!!  So, the entire foursome either stars in, or has created Harry Potter.  And two of the final four men were death eaters, so my opinion about this whole popular man/woman business is now of the conclusion that the enormous popularity of the Boy Who Lived has most certainly had an impact on the winners of this British poll.

Helena Bonham Carter at the 2005 Toronto Inter...

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I’ll make a new outlandish (and certainly ignored) claim and say that if there was an AMERICAN Fan Favorites Men/Women Poll, the winners would be insipid sluts.  Kim Kardashian and Kellan Lutz would probably nag the top stops, because Americans value youth and hotness, and Brits value wit and substance (and Harry Potter, of course).



3 thoughts on “Open Mouth, Insert Foot

  1. I wish I had HBC’s jaw line, it’s freaking incredible. That crazy biatch. Ew…the fact that Kim Kardashian’s name appeared in your blog makes me nauseated. Sadly, I’ll admit I used to watch that bullshit for sheer mindless entertainment. But I can no longer take the endless conversations that include the work “like” and “totally”, every THIRD EFFING WORD. Americans value material plastic talentless crap 😉

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