Where Do We Go From Here?

Dexter has been impressive to me because it has been able, as almost no other series has, to improve with each season.  That is, all the way up to its 6th and most recent season.  This has been, in my opinion, the least entertaining and least important season thus far.  Aside from Deb’s being promoted to Lieutenant, not one character had considerable growth and the guest stars this year, though all talented actors, were greatly under-used.  I still don’t understand what the point of Mos Def’s character was, which is particularly disappointing to me because I happen to be a huge Mos Def fan and was ecstatic when I read he’d be guest starring on this beloved show.  He played the role of reformed convict Brother Sam in his usual charming way but I can see no purpose to the character except, perhaps, to be the yin to Colin Hanks’ yang, an example of a person who uses religion for good to balance out Hanks’ fanatic character, Travis, who used religion to justify the many murders he committed.  Both Hanks and Edward James Olmos also gave excellent performances and the little twist that Olmos’ Professor Gellar was, in fact, dead throughout the entirety of the season did come as a surprise to me.  And I liked that Travis saw him and spoke to him much like Dexter sees and speaks to Harry.  But, instead of Gellar disappearing once Travis faced the reality that he’d killed him, he could have intensified the conflict by acting as a pseudo-conscience to Travis, thereby adding another dimension to Travis’ character.  But no, Gellar simply was no more and Travis remained singularly evil.

I did appreciate the irony in that final speech Dexter made just before executing Travis.  “Maybe everything is exactly as it should be,” he says mere milliseconds before driving a rusty sword through Travis’ abdomen, then looking up to see Deb standing nearby, close enough to have witnessed Dexter in all his grisly glory.  The look on Dexter’s face upon seeing her standing there is a shiny example of the scope of Hall’s ability.  By the way, I love Michael C. Hall.  I admit I wasn’t sure about him when I first started watching this series but he won me over before that first season finished.  And every season he gets better.  He is a damned fine actor, playing the role of Dexter Morgan so exceedingly well that I feel not a hint of conflict over rooting for him to succeed at every turn and he’s a serial killer.  I love him.  It’s done.  Period.

Jennifer Carpenter’s acting has improved with each season and the character of Deb Morgan has gotten more likable, as well, but I HATE the whole Deb-is-in-love-with-Dexter thing.  Once I reached those final seconds of the episode, though, I understood why they did it.  I guess.  (I don’t think it was necessary.)  It seems the writers thought that her feelings for Dex would have to be stronger than ever and already crossing some lines for her to be anywhere near able to deal with finding out he’s a murderer.  The big question is: will she be able to get over this?  Will she stay his ally or become an enemy?  Will he reveal all or just own up to killing Travis?  I know that in the graphic novels on which this series is based, Deb learns of her brother’s murderous hobby fairly early on.  I have long wondered how she would react and/or deal with this revelation and I can’t wait for the next season to find out.

Overall, this season was disappointing.  The first, in my opinion, that hasn’t been better than the one that preceded it, making it my least favorite of the series so far, but it sure ended on a high note.  If there’s one thing the writers of Dexter know how to do, it’s leave its audience wanting more.  I recently read that Dexter will continue for 2 more seasons only.  With the end in sight, I hope they can harness their focus enough to return to the stride they hit in previous seasons and give this outstanding series the end it deserves.



3 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

    • I could not agree more with your sentiments on the Deb-is-in-love-with-Dexter storyline and your hopes/fears for next season. I honestly think this show has improved with each season all the way up to this last one. Though there were details of every season that I didn’t care for, each one, overall, surpassed the previous in terms of character growth, story development and my personal enjoyment. Until the 6th one. I thought there were so many things they could have done to have made it better, more interesting and with much more depth, but chose instead to skim the surface.

      Knowing they have only 2 more seasons, I sincerely hope they are able to wrap it up on a high note because I have loved this series so much, it’ll crush me if it ends badly. I’m glad Deb finally caught him in the act. That alone should make for an interesting season.

      Thanks for reading!

  1. THIS is exactly what I was afraid of with Dexter; hence the reason I wanted the season to end sooner rather than later. Though, I though it was a decent season (not my least favorite. The order my fav to worst are: 4, 2, 1, 6, 3, 5 with 4 & 2 being very close for my fav and 3 & 5 being very close for my least fav).

    Anyway, I absolutely hated the “Deb loves Dexter” thing. I mean, they built up the whole brother/sister relationship so much this season that it was obvious to me that Deb was going to find out. The whole thing was set up so when she did find out, it would be devistating to her and to the audience. But they went too far with the “incest” (for lack of a better word) thing. They didn’t need it; we already were aware how much she needed and relied on her brother, and they unnecessarily pushed it too far.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens next season. Everyone keeps saying, “Deb knows know.” Really? What does she know? She knows Dexter killed a guy. She doesn’t know he’s a serial killer. She doesn’t know he’s the Bayharbor Butcher. She doesn’t know her dad taught him everything. She doesn’t know he killed Trinity or his brother or that Trinity killed Rita because of Dexter. All she knows is he killed one guy. So it will be interesting to see how much Dexter tells her next season and how she handles it.


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