I was gonna write you a review of the new Diablo Cody flick, Young Adult, but it’s gonna have to wait till next week, cause serious awesomeness occurred yesterday:

The first official, proper trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was revealed, and ohmygodddddddddddddddddddddd!  *dies, dies, dies*

The music, the landscapes, the dwarves (including the hot one, played by the smoldering English stud Richard Armitage) – it’s just way too much to take in.  So many beloved characters, returning!  I got a thrill hearing little Gollum’s voice and seeing the fucking majesty that is Ian McKellan’s Gandalf.  What a gift to get to spend time with them all again!  And also a first REAL look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo.  Sweet Jesus, was he was BORN to play this character or WHAT?!  I mean, it’s like, all is right with the world.  Everything about this trailer is perfection – the fact it came into being (after so much original turmoil with the rights and locations and directors, etc., etc.), with the only person alive who could helm this tale, with the best possible cast imaginable, looking EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD – well, yes Virgina, maybe there IS a Santa Claus (or God) after all.


PS:  Don’t forget the fucking EPIC Dark Knight Rises trailer that premiered last week as well.  Oh my god, 2012, please get here 🙂


7 thoughts on “Red Alert! TRAILER ALERT!

  1. I watched the Hobbit trailer and love everything you said about it. And yes, the Bilbo character is PERFECT. I can’t wait!!
    I also watched the Dark Knight trailer and OMG, did you see who is running down the football field carrying the ball????? Only Hines Ward!!!! I love this post. Thanks for the links!!

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