2012 Golden Globes Predictions

The Golden Globes are always a blast, due to alcohol consumption, and the combination of film AND television.  It’s like all the coolest kids, all together in one giant room, getting drunk.  I made another vid, because I couldn’t deal with listing every category here – we would have had the longest post ever (instead I give the longest video ever 😉 )

Check us out Sunday night, 8 pm Eastern Time, for our liveblog during NBC’s broadcast.

Disclaimer:  This video would make for a great drinking game – every time I say the phrase “That being said.”


🙂 ~Annie


6 thoughts on “2012 Golden Globes Predictions

  1. Any time with Jon Hamm and George Clooney in the same room is indeed a lovely sight!! 😉 I found some of the nominations questionable, but I agree the overall show is wayyy more lighthearted and fun, so it works out. Nice post! 🙂

  2. That being said, there’s one thing you need to take back: your comment that New Girl is not that great. You don’t even WATCH it; and it is actually GREAT, it cracks my SHIT UP every week. Like, I laugh OUT LOUD which you know I normally don’t do. ZD is not often the one that cracks me up; I don’t think she should win; but what I’m saying is, IT IS A GOOD SHOW. SO SCREW YOU MAN.
    That being said, I enjoyed this video.

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