Earth Below Us, Drifting, Falling…

Between Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, etc. ad nauseam… there are umpteen choices for listening to music on the internet.  Miss X introduced me to a brand spankin’ new one, brought to you by NASA.  Yes, outer space + music, two of her favorite things.

Third Rock Radio, “America’s Space Station,” (haha) plays a great mix of indie rock/rock/slight electronica.  Tossed in at random are a few fascinating astronomical tidbits.  “At any given moment, there are about 1800 thunderstorms happening around the planet.”  Who doesn’t love scientific trivia? (Don’t answer that)

While I’ve been lounging here, writing this post, they played songs from Tapes n’ Tapes, Iron & Wine, The Chemical Brothers, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, My Morning Jacket, MuteMath, Stone Temple Pilots, White Lies (an awesommmmmmmm band), Radiohead, Passion Pit (my precioussss), and Mumford & Sons.  At times, it sounds like it’s gotta be plugged directly into my mp3 player.  As I type this exact sentence, they’re playing one of my all-time favorite songs, ever, Young Blood, by the Naked and the Famous.  See what I mean?!

Next time you’re doing chores, or are bored, or are sick of the vile garbage the regular radio spews, check out Third Rock Radio (they’ve also got apps for iPhone and Android phones).  At the very least, you will garner a couple of facts to impress your friends with, but you’re bound to hear a song of two you dig.



6 thoughts on “Earth Below Us, Drifting, Falling…

  1. As soon as I read the title the song was ringing in my head, try the Shiny Toy Guns version, it’s not terrible. I’ll check out thrid rock radio. My two lil girls love top 40 pop. Why? I don’t know because I listen to indie, punk, and some real obscure flamenco Balkan gypsy stuff. Maybe if I listened radio garbage they’d rebel and start listening to the kills, the noisettes or at least the yeah yeah yeahs.

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