What I’ll Be Doing This Sunday Instead Of Watching The Super Bowl

My current obsessions:

  • Shameless and House of Lies on Showtime, Sunday nights starting at 9pm.  I DO NOT MISS SHAMELESS.  Not for the Superbowl.  Not for anything.
  • Downton Abbey on PBS, also Sunday at 9pm.  Thank the lords of technology for DVR!!
  • Have been catching up on Breaking Bad, an outstanding AMC series now streaming on netflix.  It breaks my heart wide open with its stark realism and is often more than I can handle but I just can’t abandon it.  It’s supremely well done.
  • 2/3 of the way through Hitch-22, the memoir/autobiography Christopher Hitchens wrote the year before his untimely death.  Typical Hitchens so far; it is poetic, intelligent (so much sometimes that it goes a little over my head), often deeply personal and always told with remarkable grace.
  • Next up on the ‘to read’ list: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Finally started Coupling, the British sitcom that inspired Friends.
  • Loving 21 by Adele.  Set Fire To The Rain and Turning Tables are my favorites.
  • Planning the road trip I’m taking in several weeks.  The hubby and I are off to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, primarily).  Hard to believe but there are some things I love more than books and movies and television: traveling!



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