2012 Academy Awards LIVEBLOG

This is some seriously delicious berry sangria I am drinking

My house is packed, the spread is INTENSE (I wish you all were here, god knows I’ve got enough food for an army), and we’re ready to rant/gush!  Our latest thoughts are at the top of the page.  Hit refresh to keep up with the gab!!

  • 11:46pm That’s it for this year!  Thanks everyone for stopping by!!  Hope you had fun!
  • 11:40m Best speech of the night, hands down, Meryl Streep.  We hail you!!
  • 11:37pm I guess I’d better see The Artist!
  • 11:32pm Meryl Streep: the embodiment of elegance and grace.
  • 11:29pm FINALLY!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!  Meryl Streep!!!!!
  • 11:20pm I think we’ve seen the sternum of every chick in the Kodak tonight.  Well…except Melissa McCarthy.  Thank you, MM, for being a normal woman.
  • 11:18pm What’d I tell ya?  The Artist takes the house.
  • 11:15pm Man, there is some major ass-kissing this year.  Are they still not over getting their feelings hurt at last year’s Golden Globes?  It’s no wonder they have egos the size of small continents.
  • 11:12pm Hosting the Oscars should be Billy Crystal’s job, permanently.
  • 11:10pm No Little Sebastian???  Leslie will not stand for this!
  • 11:07pm R.I.P. Whitney and Colombo
  • 10:58pm I had no idea the Academy fetishized Oprah.  That woman should be elevated to god status already.
  • 10:55pm Aww, Meryl Streep.  Not loving the dress, but she is the epitome of class.
  • 10:53pm Well, that all but seals it, The Artist is gonna take it.
  • 10:44pm Were those coffee beans, or vaginas?
  • 10:42: Well, we’ve got a new drinking game. Why weren’t we doing this all night?!?!
  • 10:39pm OHHHHHHH WIN BRIDESMAIDS! Kristen Wiig looks gorgeous. You know what? They all do.
  • 10:31pm Oh Edward Norton. And Borat, you got blacklisted but you’re still in a montage. I HATE THIS MUSIC.
  • 10:26pm I can see so many of Angelina Jolie’s veins, I want to draw blood from them. And then wear it in a vial around my neck.
  • 10:25pm Angelina Jolie looks like. SHIT. Her elbow will CUT YOU.
  • 10:17pm Zach G is channelling Ron Swanson tonight.
  • 10:11pm Billy Crystal is really doing a bang-up job. Seriously.
  • 10:10pm SNOOZEFEST.
  • 10:08pm Angelina Jolie is HORRIFYING. HORRIFYING.
  • 10:03pm My Oscar party could ONLY be better if Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren were ACTUALLY HERE in this room.
  • 10:01pm YAY! WHAT a fucking class act!!!! Oh Captain VonTrapp, you are the smoothest operator around.
  • 10:00pm Can’t wait for Christopher Plummer’s unbelievably classy ass speech 🙂
  • 9:59pm Melissa Leo’s dress is mother of the bride circa 1982.
  • 9:58pm Hopefully Melissa Leo is anti-crazy this year.
  • 9:54pm Is Emma Stone drunk? She’s cute as shit though.
  • 9:43pm I think Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow are in a competition to see which could make themselves look the most like Gollum.
  • 9:42pm Is RDJ channeling Joaquin Pheonix??  I would totally watch “The Presenter.”
  • 9:39pm Cirque De Soliel, bitches.
  • 9:35pm I Love the Muppets!!!  I became a scientist because of Beeker for god’s sake.
  • 9:29pm  Drinking delicious berry sangria. Mmmm.
  • 9:22pm Bradley Cooper + Tina Fey is wrong.
  • 9:22pm That  focus group bit was great. GREAT.
  • 9:20pm It’s the Christopher Guest gang!
  • 9:15pm What is with the PORN MUSIC.
  • 9:10pm I wish Melissa McCarthy would win but it’ll be Octavia Spencer
  • 9:01pm Well, that “first picture I saw” montage was weird but kinda cute. I have no idea what the first movie I saw was.
  • 8:59pm I despise Meryl Streep’s dress. Despise. I’m sorry. Melanie Griffiths is trying to be Joan Rivers, apparently.
  • 8:58pm are you guys SERIOUSLY COMPARING ASSES. Iron Lady, homies I’m 3 for 3 I think…
  • 8:53pm this montage is SO. CHEESY. But I love it. I’ll have what she’s having.
  • 8:44pm Damn they’re just firing these off, aren’t they, and why is Tom Hanks BROWN.
  • 8:44pm Cinematography, first? Changin’ things up dawg
  • 8:43pm It’s hard to fill Jennifer Lopez’s seat. OUCH.
  • 8:42pm Billy Crystal has still got it.
  • 8:39pm Chapter 11 theater.  Even the Kodak theater isn’t immune to this goddamn recession.  Ugh.  Maybe all those 1%ers in the audience could do something about that.  Just sayin’.
  • 8:37pm Did you see John Goodman?  Have I ever mentioned I love him?  No, never?  Well, I love him.  Like, LOVE him.
  • 8:35pm I can’t stand watching Billy Crystal eat shit.  I just can’t.
  • 8:33pm Is this the villa???  I love Billy Crystal!!!
  • 8:22pm I love Jess Cagle. Also, I have subscribed to EW for like, 10 years. So, yeah.
  • 8:15pm We’re having sexy times, apparently. I hate Bullock’s dress.
  • 8:12pm Brad Pitt looks like Legends of the Fall
  • 8:11pm I really, REALLY, REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY don’t get Clooney and Kiebler.
  • 8:03pm Is Bradley Cooper gonna be in Miami Vice?? The fuck?
  • 8:01pm Another war: Nikki claims Cameron Diaz is a butterface, some of us say no. Thoughts?
  • 7:54pm Zach Galifinakis looks so damn cute with his beard. Why does everybody get to lose weight but me? Oh, cause I’m eating cheese curds.
  • 7:53pm NICK NOLTE. WHAT.
  • 7:44pm I’m over Manny. Sorry. Although no one else here is. There is much hate for Annie right now from the Manny lovers.
  • 7:42pm Oh god, just came. Thanks Colin!
  • 7:41pm We are having a battle over Tina Fey’s hair and dress. Some love, some hate. Thoughts?
  • 7:39pm Did Annie Mumolo lose like, a lot of weight? She looks KILLER FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Woah. As I eat my cheese curds 😦
  • 7:37pm A guest of mine just made FRIED CHEESE CURDS AND THEY’RE BLOWING MY MIND!!!
  • 7:36pm Melissa McCarthy fills me with happiness and joy
  • 7:34 What is this mom segment?!! PRECIOUS!!
  • 7:30pm Random tidbit: Ewan McGregor shows his junk constantly in films because he claims that since women are always nakey, he’s trying to make up for it. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • 7:26pm Viola Davis’s hubby looks like an older Wayne Brady! Her dress: Love the color, not the bust. Even though her tits are rockin’.
  • 7:24pm Ohhhh Octavia Spencer looks gorgeous, as does Jessica Chastain…
  • 7:22pm HI!!!!!

~Annie & Nikki


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