Sorry…and Thanks!

Our blog isn’t yet 1, (itty bitty baby) so you must forgive us as we’re still learning the ropes.

Back in October, a commenter nominated us for a Versatile Blogger Award, which then means that you have received a Versatile Blogger Award.  We were appreciative but didn’t realize there were some common courtesy rules that go along with this little honor, so we’re finally doing our part!  Doh!  Please forgive us for being 5 months late!!

First off, thank you …And PND Makes Three.  We are so happy you liked our rambles enough to nominate us!  Your blog is a courageous and honest look at motherhood… thanks for having the balls to say what many probably do not!  We’re not moms ourselves (except to our cherished pets), but we know plenty of them, and each have one, so we’re well aware that it’s one of the most challenging and important things a human being can ever do.  The world needs fearless voices. 🙂

Next, to select 15 awesome blogs that we love (I believe you have to nominate smaller blogs, so that renders our list fractional, but this is a start):

  1. SurlyGurls – More chicas blogging about the entertainment they love!  Super-informative and funny. 🙂
  2. thewuc – This Australian chick is WHIP-SMART and INSANE hilarious.  I want to live inside her brain.
  3. The Road to Medical School – We adore this blogger.  She’s kinda our internet soul mate.  She writes about her journey through med school and lots of stuff that she digs, along the way.  She’s a sweetheart.
  4. This Is Why You’re Single – The adventures of an awesome singleton.  Funny and insightful.
  5. Lill and Jill – Two best friends and roomies who post their banter!  Very unique and always hilarious!
  6. Chick Flick Critic – A gal who writes reviews on flicks meant for women, and they’re funny, excellent, INTELLIGENT reviews (i.e. – refreshing!!).  Plus she went to film school, and seems way rad.

And now, 7 thing you may not know about the ravingmadscientists:

1.  As well as avid media consumers and bloggers, both Annie & Nikki are certified Medical Laboratory Scientists (by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists).

2.  Annie & Nikki worked within 50 feet of each other for more than 3 years before they met.  Within 8 months of meeting, they started this blog.

3.  Though Annie & Nikki grew up in cities more than 50 miles away from each other and did not meet until they were nearly 30, their mothers graduated from the same high school.  Nikki’s mom and Annie’s aunt worked (and partied!) together at a Burger Chef (sadly, no longer in business) 35 years ago.

4.  Annie has a persian cat named Olivia and Nikki has a gorgeous mutt named Clifford – they are equally obsessed and madly in love with their pet-children.

5.  Annie is happily single, Nikki is happily married.

6.  Annie & Nikki both have a debilitating, desperate love for Mumford & Sons.

7.  Annie & Nikki love writing this blog, and plan to do it for as long as WordPress’ll host it.


~the ravingmadscientists

2 thoughts on “Sorry…and Thanks!

  1. Many thanks for the shout out girls, and for your all-kinds-of-awesome blog!! Your commentary makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside (in particular those thoughts concerning Angelina Jolie :-D). Congrats and thanks again! …J

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