I’m So Excited.. and I Just Can’t Hide It

For reals guys.


First of all, by some strange, cosmic alignment, Nikki and I both happen to be going on week-long vacays at the same time, and to the same freaking TIME-ZONE, the last week of March.  Nikki – to the Pacific northwest, and Annie, to VIVA LAS VEGAS!   Our anticipation of these events is pretty much all-encompassing at this point.  So, we’ll probably be taking that week off, blog-wise.

When we return though, at the beginning of April, it will be the FIRST BIRTHDAY of ravingmadscientists!!!  We’re way pumped for this little milestone.  Personally, I can’t believe we’ve posted 3-5 times a week for FIFTY-TWO WEEKS.  (Well, minus the one week we’re taking off just prior to this anniversary)  It boggles my mind.  I had wanted a blog for SOOOOO LONG but never got up the gumption, was scared, whatever, and it took meeting my girl Nik and her saying randomly one day, “Hey, you wanna start a blog together?”, that my brain responded as if Bill Murray had just proposed marriage:  “YES YES OMG YESSS!!!!”  I’ve been looking back through our collection of posts; I find some things hilarious, some heartwarming, some frustrating, some silly, but more than all of that, the entire thing is a freaking magical time capsule/diary of everything we’ve seen, heard, watched, loved and loathed for the past year.  It’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment and nostalgia.  If anyone of you enjoys reading what we write, that’s even more incredible.  So, thanks for checking us out, if you do on the regular, have in the past, or just stumbled across this page for the first time.  A thousand times… THANK YOU!! 🙂 🙂

On to pop-culture related items we’re all in a lather for:

  1. The season 2 finale of The Walking Dead!  Oh WOW this show is incredible, and the last few episodes have left me sobbing, screaming at the TV, or pulling my hair out and yelling “HOLY SHIT” repeatedly to no one.  The previews for this Sunday’s finale look like a right bloodbath; I think I might actually suffer some sort of medical event while watching.  It looks that crazy.  I swear to GOD if anything happens to Darryl Dixon, there will be blood.

    Mad Men

    Image via Wikipedia

  2. The Hunger Games!  OMFG, Nikki and I both adore this trilogy, which we’ve discussed plenty in this venue, and we definitely plan on seeing this while we’re on our trips.  I foresee some bribes being made or punches thrown over who writes the review!!  One thing I am loving at this point:  That they haven’t really showed any of the actual games on trailers or previews.  THANK YOU movie marketing team, for once doing something right!
  3. The return of Mad Men!  Sweet Christ, it’s only been what, 17 months, or something fucking completely insane?  I don’t give a rat’s rear what went on behind the scenes; Matt Weiner sounds kind of like a weiner, but he does make this awesome show.  The buzz on season 5 is that it’s the best and craziest yet.  I wanna know what happened to Joan’s little baby Sterling and Don’s MARRIAGE to that secretary that I totally loved.  God, this show is so much WIN.  March 25th, baby!
  4. Game of Thrones, season 2!  Omyjesus, if the trailer I posted the other day doesn’t get your juices flowin’, you are definitely dead inside.  I CANNOT WAIT for this.  CANNOT.  I can’t express this enough.  APRIL 1ST..
  5. The Ricky Gervais show (Season 3)! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SERIOUSLY SO MANY AWESOME THINGS HAPPENING BRAIN CANNOT TAKE THE ANTICIPATION.  We’ve long touted our intense love for all things Gervais and Merchant, and we straight up adore the shit out of the animated series that puts podcasts to drawings.  So adorable, so completely hilarious.
The Ricky Gervais Show (animated series)

Image via Wikipedia

Sigh.  It’s all pretty overwhelming, to be honest.  But we’re sooo happy to have so much awesomeness to be looking forward to.  And just as excited to write about it.  Gotta keep adding to the time capsule. 🙂 🙂



5 thoughts on “I’m So Excited.. and I Just Can’t Hide It

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  2. You guys could both write Hunger Games reviews–give your own opinions on it–I think that’d be cool. In fact anytime you guys fight over particular things, you could just both write them and have like a whole “versus” series of reviews. Hrrrmmmm.

    • Excellent idea. That is, as long as Annie and I don’t have the exact same opinion, which does occasionally happen.

      She left out our little project-in-the-making, but that deserves its own post, I suppose. Can’t wait to get that off the ground!


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