Those Wily Brits

Have you ever been perusing the internet or reading a magazine (yes, they are still printed and sold in stores) and discovered that an actor you love isn’t American?  That their ability to imitate an American accent is so good, you never guessed they were a native of another country?  This happens to me so often, I’m beginning to think I have no ear for accents at all.  And that I should just assume that the most talented actors are bred in the U.K.  Here are some people I didn’t know were British…

Gillian Anderson: I watched every single episode of The X-Files every single week and never knew she was a Brit.  Only within the past couple of years did I finally clue in.

Damian Lewis: first saw him in Dreamcatcher, then every gorgeous, heart-wrenching episode of Band Of Brothers and most recently in the smartest show currently on TV, Homeland.  Never knew he was British until TWO DAYS AGO, when I finally watched the latest Graham Norton Show which has been in my DVR for 5 days.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: okay, I haven’t exactly been following her career but I have seen a few of her films, so when I read recently that she was born in Wales, it surprised me that I never heard it before.  Now that I know it, though, it seems stupid that I hadn’t guessed already.  There’s something distinctly European about her.

Andrew Lincoln: as in Rick Grimes, the lead character in that show I watch every Sunday night, The Walking Dead.  How did I not know this???

Kevin McKidd: he didn’t come onto Grey’s Anatomy until after it had pretty much gone to shit but I continue to watch every week.  Another sneaky Brit slipped under my radar.

Who surprised you?



7 thoughts on “Those Wily Brits

  1. I knew about Andrew Lincoln being British only because of the movie Love, Actually. But I didn’t actually connect him with playing Rick in The Walking Dead until later, and I was so surprised and impressed!

    Kevin McKidd totally caught me off guard. I had no idea!! I would have never known.

  2. This is totally one of my favorite phenomenons. I didn’t know Kevin McKidd was a Brit till I saw him on The View; I died (also, he was giving off like, crazy insanely nicest dude ever vibes, if I remember correctly). (Also I didn’t know you watched Grey’s Anatomy!! I do too! Against my own will haha.)

    Finding out Anna Torv was an Aussie blew my goddamn mind, most recently (Walter too!!!).

    • Isaacs’ American accent is fantastic. Sadly, I have to agree on Rickman. Have you ever seen Something the Lord Made? He’s southern in that, and I felt like it was a strange conglomeration of southern + British. Weird.

      • I have seen that. I usually judge by if he sounds like he does in Harry Potter. In StLM and DH he sounded a little bit like Snape. Oh, and in Nobel Son as well, where I think he was trying to be American.

  3. Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, then her family moved to England when she was a toddler and they moved back here when she was a pre-teen. So she’s like, a complete mix. It’s so crazy!!!! The first time I heard her talk normally, I thought she was faking it!! I was definitely shocked 🙂
    Andrew Lincoln surprised me as well, but then I did remember him in Love, Actually, so it was a befuddled surprise.

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