I Look At All The Skinny People

Some things I learned/noticed while meandering around Vancouver, B.C., Canada:

  • It’s so completely clean, which is shocking for such a big city, with beautiful parks & gardens.  We met with friendly people everywhere we went and ate some delicious, homemade ramen.  Mmm.
  • Must be the restaurant capital of the world because we had to have seen literally 1,000 restaurants as we walked about downtown.  Amazing they all can stay open seeing as EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in Vancouver is super thin!  I don’t mean your average healthy size kind of thin, I mean stick-thin, as in the Olsen twins or any runway model (though not necessarily as tall).  They take healthy living quite seriously there.  I’m not used to being the biggest woman in an entire city (one with a population over half a million, no less). 😦
  • It’s a beautiful and interesting juxtaposition to see such a big, urban city set against the backdrop of tall, snow-capped mountain ranges.  Sky scrapers look tiny next to 10,000 feet high mountains!
  • I’m guessing medicinal marijuana is legal in Vancouver because we were asked repeatedly upon re-entering the U.S. if we had with us either any marijuana or a prescription for marijuana.  (FYI: we had neither.)
  • I really like the Canadian accent.  It’s like a Minnesota accent without the Midwest influence.
  • Not waking up to an alarm every morning TOTALLY agrees with me.
  • Canada charges a 12% sales tax.  On everything.  So that’s how they get free healthcare!
  • A Canadian dollar coin is a Loonie.  Can you guess what the two dollar coin is called?  That’s right: a Toonie!  You got to love a country whose names for their currency rhyme.
  • Stanley Park is gorgeous, especially on a sunny, albeit windy, day.  Parking prices may be a bit high but the views are worth it.
  • I love being on vacation more than any other thing.

Happy Spring!



5 thoughts on “I Look At All The Skinny People

  1. I miss you. It made me sad that you had a major vaca and I didn’t get to hear the excitement leading up to it…you know, the daily countdown and all. This is neither the time nor place for such sentimentality!! You made Vancouver sound wonderful but for reasons I am sure you understand, I intend never to go there. I would be looking at my shadow all day. Just too painful, you know. Glad you had a great time!!

  2. We stopped in Victoria, BC on our Alaskan cruise last year and it was stunning. I’d love to visit Vancouver. Did you see the new Canadian $ 50 or $ 100 ? They are AMAZING. They make make our money look pathetic!

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