The Best Love To Have Is Love Of Life

Five things you can only (and absolutely must) see in Seattle:

1.) The Experience Music Project: It’s a little pricey ($20 entrance fee – shockingly the same amount as the fee to get into the Space Needle! gasp!) but well worth every penny.  Fans of Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix need this on their bucket lists.  It’s like a museum only interactive.  There are flat screen TVs airing interviews, past performances, old footage, offering lesser known stories and tidbits about these uber-famous music legends.  Also, anyone who’s a fan of sci-fi or the horror genre, add this to your list of places to see.  Being the lover of horror films that I am, this room, to me, was like a candy store to a 5 year-old.  Behind-the-scenes interviews with the creators of such classics as Psycho and Night Of The Living Dead.  And for all you Michael Jackson fans, an interview with the director of the “Thriller” video.  Epic.  Every single piece of this place lures you into the makings of all these iconic things – the music, the videos, the movies.  Which, of course, is why it’s called the Experience Music Project.

2.) Jimi Hendrix’s memorial is beautiful.  Love the song lyrics engraved in the stone walls and the abundance of love (in the form of lipstick kisses) given to Jimi even now, 42 years after his death.

3.) The original Starbucks: Coffee lovers, listen up!  If ever there was a place for you, Seattle is that place!  Coffee…oh my god, the coffee.  Everywhere you avert your eyes, there is a coffee shop.  I may have sampled some coffee while I was there and I may have loved it.  All of it.  Coffee isn’t just a delicious beverage in Seattle, it’s an art form.  My husband and I walked into a Starbucks downtown after riding the train in from the airport, both a little cold and eager for something warm in our bellies.  My husband ordered a latte and after a short wait, the barista handed him his cup, saying: “I’m really excited about this one.  Hope you enjoy it.”  Sound strange?  It was, a little.  But more so, it was freakin’ cool.  I’m sure there’s a recipe written somewhere explaining how to make everything on their menu, but this guy seemed to doctor his up a little bit, throwing in what he thought might blend well with the established recipe.  My husband isn’t really a coffee drinker, but that particular cup just about converted him.

4.) Pike Place Market: Rows upon rows of gorgeous, fresh flowers, more straight-out-of-the-ocean seafood than you can imagine, fresh produce, souvenir shops, novelty stores, a book store, music shops – you name it, they’ve got it.  We even got to see them throw the fish!

5.) The Crab Pot: A reasonably priced restaurant on the waterfront featuring buckets of king crab legs on their menu, freshly baked sour dough bread, old-fashioned fish and chips, and my personal fave: fish tacos.  Mmm…fish tacos.

Downtown Seattle is beautiful.  We didn’t make it to the Seattle Art Museum, the Aquarium or the Public Library, which I’ve heard is phenomenal.  We simply ran out of time (typical for us, we tend to cram too much into just one week), but at least we know what will be first on our list for the next trip!  The public transportation is easy to learn and inexpensive.  (The Metro buses are free!)  And even though there are more than half a million people living in Seattle, it doesn’t have that intense, rushed feel that many big cities have.  It felt like a more laid back, less Irish Boston.  With rain instead of snow, of course.

What places are on your bucket list?