It’s A Bitch Girl

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Image is of James Van Der Beek, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ABC’s new Wednesday night comedy Don’t Trust the B*** in Apartment 23 premiered the other night (with episode 2 airing early on Hulu – thanks, internet!), and I gave it a go (as if I don’t already watch enough TV). It’s alright. I liked it, but I guess I wanted more of the whip-smart energy that say, Happy Endings has in spades. It’s kind of like a darker, single-camera version of CBS’s 2 Broke Girls (which I dig).

Krysten Ritter plays sort-of psychopath Chloe (and she’s clearly having the time of her life being the “B****”), who spends her days luring unsuspecting strangers to be her roommate, only to act like a nutjob and make them want to move out, leaving her with their first month’s rent. Seems like a lot of work to me, but that’s how she rolls. Chloe used to date James Van Der Beek, but they “weren’t compatible, genitally.” That was one of the few laugh out loud  moments. She and Dawson are still great friends though.

Enter: June. A perky, blond annoyance whose life is “perfect.” Fiance, great job at a mortgage company, and just moved to NYC!!! Right when you think, ughhhh I hate this character, her life goes to shit. The company goes bankrupt (duh, mortgage industry) and she’s just moved in with Chloe, who is doing everything in her power to make June leave. Turns out, June’s such a trusting, “precious” small-town girl, nothing really works. Not even screwing June’s fiance on June’s own birthday cake. Chloe actually did that on purpose, to prove to June that her man was cheating on her. Chloe grows to like June, who really has nowhere else to go, and does appreciate being saved from a scumbag future-husband. So begins their rocky friendship.

It’s fitting that the first scene is set to a song by the girl rocker group Sleigh Bells, because that whole bratty, slightly aggressive, crazy-chick vibe is what the tone of the show wants to be. I have to say, it is pretty raunchy.  It’s got a questionable word in the title though, so if you didn’t realize that there would be indecency and vulgarity, then just ring your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer. One of my favorite lines so far, referring to the aforementioned genital incompatibility is, “It was like trying to fit a cucumber into a coin purse.”  *high fives*

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It’s nice to see Van Der Beek, as I used to be into the ‘ol Creek – I think most girls my age were – and of those four core cast members, he’s definitely the least successful.  I hope that changes for him, because he’s way easy on the eyes, intelligent, and pretty damn funny.  The show pokes a lot of fun at his former role, as he does play himself (but a douch-ier version). It’s awesome to see him woo the ladies with that heinous Paula Cole song, or break right into actual scenes from the show while trying to teach an acting class. There’s a lot of potential for zany hilarity.

That’s kind of how I feel about the whole show. It didn’t bowl me over, but, the characters are all funny/interesting, and the story/dynamic is unique enough for me to want to keep watching. If anything, I think this is a better fit to air alongside Happy Endings, as opposed to the soul-sucking Modern Family (don’t get me started on the bitches on that show).                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Annie


9 thoughts on “It’s A Bitch Girl

  1. Thanks for this, I think I’m going to give the show a go now. I saw all the trailers and TV spots and just didn’t get the concept because they all made me hate Chloe… (you know, the one where they show her screwing June’s fiance). But this kind of made it sound like she’s not a complete bad person, but she’s not a complete good person ever. She’s kind of both. Which I think I can work with.

    Did you see HBO’s Girls by any chance? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that!

  2. LOL you should do an entry on why you hate Modern Family! Your blog might start on fire, but it would at least be a funny (hopefully) entry.
    Anyway, I think this show really has a chance to be awesome, once it hits its stride.

    • if I went into a Modern Family rant… well…. I’d probably end up offending every person who reads it. Hating that show is like hating puppies, or rainbows, or people handing out presents to less-fortunate kids at Christmas. I’ll marinate on it though. >:)

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