Lill & Jill Response

Lill and Jill tagged us with a vital question (3 questions, technically) and here is our answer(s):

Q. Why should we all live in fear/hate of Angelina Jolie and what is the BEST and WORST film you’ve blogged about?

A. (In 3 parts) 1. She is a baby-making robot who barely moves and has arms as thin and sinewy as my beloved Gollum – though Gollum has good reason to have stick arms: he lives in a cave and survives on raw fish and the occasional overtaken goblin; he isn’t a fucking multi-billionaire with access to personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, pastry chef, organic gardener, etc., etc. – and all of her biological children look like clones of each other.  Cute, pouty-lipped clones, but clones nonetheless.

2. Best film: this one is pretty damn hard to answer.  Personally, I loved several movies that we saw and reviewed last year (Red State, Young Adult, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, X-Men: First Class, Jane Eyre, the list goes on…) but the one movie that I’ve re-watched most frequently and enjoyed every single time is Bridesmaids.  So, while I can’t say that there is just one film we’ve reviewed that is the best, I think my favorite has to be Bridesmaids.

3. Worst film: Something Borrowed, by-fucking-far. This response required zero consideration, as Something Borrowed is hands-down the worst film we’ve seen and reviewed. Oh my dear sweet aching baby Jesus, is it terrible. Shitty characters who you wind up hating and rooting against, a pathetic, predictable plot, and overall headache, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and gas with oily discharge. It’s an unpleasant experience, start to finish, and if you are someone who actually enjoyed this shitshow, please just do us all a favor and quit watching movies – you’re only encouraging them!

Thanks for the shout-out girls!

~Nikki & Annie


One thought on “Lill & Jill Response

  1. I have had a weird reaction to Bridesmaids. I saw it on opening night because I am a massive Kristin Wiig fan. But, I was exhausted that night and didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else. I knew that I would watch it on HBO a million times….and I have.

    I now love the movie but something strange has happened. I can’t watch it anymore because I realize how much I don’t like Rudolph. I have always thought she was overrated but I think I didn’t even take time to notice she was in the movie before. I suspect I have been in a Wiig/McCarthy fog that is fading with familiarity.

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