Summer Movies We’re Pumped For

Tim Burton’s latest goth-tastic collaboration with Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows, comes out today. I have basically zero desire to see this. Less than zero. As much as I love their dark, dreary, bonkers projects, this one looked stupid, and just didn’t strike any kind of chord. Meh, whatever.

Still, there are LOADS of films coming out over the next few months that I’m literally bouncing in my chair with excitement for. Wanted to share a few that I’m foaming at the mouth for, you know, besides the obvious ones, like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. I mean, duh. Oh, and P.S. – we DID see Avengers, the day it came out – will be posting a review soon, I swear!! #Bloggingishard

Men In Black 3 – Don’t hate. Summer blockbusters that come out on holiday weekends can be fun, and Will Smith is usually enjoyable to watch. I’m also interested to see Josh Brolin portray a young Tommy Lee Jones. Killer casting! (Our review)

Moonrise Kingdom – Because minus The Darjeeling Limited, I LOVE Wes Anderson movies. Love. You can NEVER, EVER, EVER have enough droll Bill Murray. Ever.

Snow White and the Huntsman – You know it looks awesome. Plus, I’m starting to desperately love Chris Hemsworth. (Our review)

Brave – Seeing the latest Pixar flick should always be on any movie lovers’ to-do list, and this is the first girl-centric film they’ve created. Plus, it’s loaded with Scottish accents, lush scenery, and presumably an awesome girl-power message.



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