You Look Inside My Wild Mind

George RR Martin at the Comicon

George RR Martin at the Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read something today that filled me with the most wonderful, affirming, goosebumpy, brain-gasm rush of-“YES!! SOMEBODY GETS IT!”-feelings I’d experienced in quite a while. The current issue of Rolling Stone has the terribly interesting and affecting Peter Dinklage on the cover, and features a fantastic interview with the actor, along with a smaller piece on George R.R. Martin – the man who created the character Dinklage has personified, Tyrion Lannister, in the fantastic series of books, A Song of Fire and Ice, upon which the current kick-ass HBO series, A Game of Thrones, is based. I highly recommend picking up the issue and reading both pieces. Basically, everything Martin said was fascinating and rich and struck chords in my soul, but his final paragraph nestled inside my heart like a snuggly baby kitten who had found a bed of warm fleece blankets and a saucer of milk:

“I never saw the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock or the parties on Gatsby’s lawn, but they seemed more vivid than things I actually lived. If we are the sum of our experiences, as I believe we are, then books are a more important part of my life than my actual life. That’s what I try to do with my own fiction: Fill the stories with imaginary people who will become more real to my readers than the people in their lives.”                         George R.R. Martin, Rolling Stone                                  

To this, sir, I say: Thank you for hitting the nail on the head regarding how lots of us feel about things that are not, quote, “real,” and also, your mission has most definitely been accomplished.



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