Holla If You Hear Me

At work today, someone said to me: “You’ve got to be somewhat arrogant to even have a blog.”  This person does not know that I do have a blog and he, apparently, sees no use for blogs (or facebook or twitter).  Which I actually sort of understand.  To have a blog (or a fb page or a twitter account), you operate under the assumption that someone out in the world at large cares about the things you have to say.  Which is, perhaps, a bit arrogant.  That’s not to say, though, that everyone who blogs is an arrogant person.

I’ll admit here and now that I do not have a personal fb or twitter account. (gasp!) Before starting this blog, I’d never tweeted nor had I been on facebook.  And the reason for that is I never felt I had anything to say that others might want to read nor did I care to read anything that others tweeted or wrote on their wall.  But, unlike the vast majority of people on fb and twitter, I am not a particularly social person.  And, much more than arrogance, I think the use for such internet tools as blogs or fb stems from one’s inclination toward social interactions.  I enjoy reading some blogs as a way to learn new things (photography, travel and cooking blogs, for example) or simply for entertainment (humor, entertainment blogs).  More often than not, being the movie and book buff that I am, I just want to read reviews of movies and books, some that I have seen/read and about which I am interested in hearing what others think, and some I’ve not yet seen or read and would like to learn more about before diving in.

From my own experience and in my own personal opinion (which may not mean anything to you), I think facebook and twitter are social tools that allow anyone and everyone in the world to speak their mind.  Isn’t that what everyone wants – to be heard?  To feel validated by the act of someone else simply listening to you?  I think so.  What I’ve noticed, though, is that the masses don’t have anything in particular to say.  Or if they do, they’re not using facebook to say it.  Facebook is used for sharing trivial details like what you ate for dinner.  I’m not knocking people who do this because I’m sure at least one (and likely more than one) of their fb friends is interested in knowing what they ate for dinner.  But I’m not.  Again, I’m slightly anti-social.

But this idea of arrogance in relation to the use of social networking sites intrigues me.  In all honesty, I never thought I’d start a blog.  For a couple of years, I’d heard how funny and sharp and entertaining some blogs were but I never found any I felt an inclination to follow.  That is, not until I did.  Even now, there are a mere handful I faithfully follow.  And I have yet to create a personal fb or twitter account.  Facebook and twitter serve one specific purpose for me: to spread word about rms and anything related to it.  Arrogant?  Perhaps.  I guess I assume there are some people in the world who want to read my thoughts on books and movies and music only because that’s what I like to read about.  I suppose it is a bit arrogant.  But I’m okay with that.

Do you think arrogance drives people to blog?  Or to be on facebook?  Or tweet?  Be a little arrogant and leave your answer in a comment.



Five Vampires Who Would Kick The Ever Loving Sh*t Out Of Edward Cullen

I recently rewatched the 2011 remake of the 1985 cult hit Fright Night and felt amazed (again) at how different, yet delightful Colin Farrell’s version of Jerry the vampire was from Chris Sarandon’s original.  In honor of that bad-ass fanged villain, I thought I’d compile a quick list of just a handful of other vampires who would rip Edward “forever-trapped-in-teen-angst” Cullen’s wimpy dead heart out.

1. Jerry the Vampire, Fright Night (1985; 2011): Obviously, the inspiration for this post deserves the top spot.  Whether you prefer the sleek and smoldering bloodsucker Sarandon gave us or Farrell’s more animalistic, even sadistic creature of the night, both would wipe Edward and his hippie “vegetarian” family off the grid.

2. Dracula, Dracula (1992) : many have attempted this role but none have owned it like Gary Oldman.  Seriously, who else could morph from young, passionate husband to ancient, decrepit vampire to young lover to wolf to demon straight from the fires of hell in just two hours? Though each transformation brought with it its own characteristics and certainly its own look, Oldman managed to maintain a mournful, restless spirit – far superior to the testosterone-driven vampires of late.

3. David, The Lost Boys (1987): I love me some ’80s Kiefer Sutherland and his manipulative punk-ass vampire David entertained me to no end back in the day.  Though barely older than a teenager at the time, Sutherland’s portrayal of the lost soul was cunning, wicked and artful, like a cat toying with the dumb bird whose head it’s about to rip off.

4. Marlow, 30 Days Of Night (2007): along with every other member of the nonverbal, bloodthirsty tribe who attacked the frozen town of Barrow, Alaska immediately after the sunset that would last 30 full days and nights, just looked scary.  Danny Huston rocked the role of leader of the pack.  His vampire is a true predator to humans – cold, calculating and remorseless.

5. Abby, Let Me In (2010): Chloe Grace Moretz balanced that blend of child-like innocence with a veiled pernicious nature perfectly.  She may look every bit the innocuous little girl, but she could take down the biggest, toughest of men, let alone sensitive, hormonal pseudo-vampires.

Man, I love an evil vampire.


Summer 2012 Playlist

In case you haven’t noticed, (or checked out our twitter feed) I frigging love sharing music with the masses. Here are 11 songs that are in pretty heavy rotation on every single one of my technological gadgets. I think they’re all fairly warm-weather-friendly, even though a few aren’t new. Genres range from bluesy rock, jam bands, and country, all the way to hip hop and electronic. Musical diversity, bitches. 😉



Fun. – Some Nights

Norah Jones – Happy Pills

Usher – Scream

The Lumineers – Flowers in Your Hair

Santigold – Pirate in the Water

Grouplove – Tongue Tied

Kenny Chesney – Come Over

Red Wanting Blue – Walking Shoes

The Shins – Simple Song

Keane – Silenced by the Night

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

Who Is Your Daddy and What Does He Do

Today, my friends, I share with you one of my most favorite items that exists in the internetverse: The SOUNDBOARD. I was introduced to this magical instrument during the summer of 2001, whilst I worked as a flagger girl on the road crew for the college program my county’s engineering department ran. Kids work every summer, doing menial road tasks, all while getting a tan, being outside ALL DAY, having a 3 day weekend (every weekend), and bonding with the full timers who (for the most part) were hilarious and kind and bad-ass. Our favorite radio station that summer endlessly played prank phone calls that involved using Arnold Schwarzenegger soundbites from various films. Easily one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard. We soon discovered that there existed online websites that hosted actual soundboards of the various bites. Hours of entertainment folks, hours. Next, we began talking to each other in Arnold-speak. I can no longer look at the man without hearing him (and all of my former co-workers) screaming “STOP IT!!” or “You…..sonuvabitch”

Last year, after discovering a soundboard dedicated to the massive defecation/amazement-fest that is The Room, my love was rekindled. If you’ve never messed with a soundboard, but love movie quotes and spout them constantly, you need to do some button-pushing. And PS: They pretty much have a soundboard for everything that is awesome.

Here are four of my favorite soundboards. Clicking on the screen cap will take you straight to the motherlode. Eat up!


1. Ahhhnold – I LOVE THIS. It’s almost impossible to pick favorites from this trove but some that I adore are: “STOP WHINING.” “It’s turbo timeee!!” “My CPU is a neural net processor. A learning compooooter”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Soundboard











2. The Room If you’ve never heard of The Room, clicking on gems like “You’re tearing me APART LISAAAAA!!!!” or “I DEFINITELY have breast cancer.” will have you yearning for the context from whence they came.

‘The Room soundboard

3. Mel Gibson, aka CrazyTrain – Oh Mel. I used to want to have babies with you. (Forever Young-era) Now, if I saw you on the street, I would run for my life, for fear that you’d put me “in the fucking rose garden.” These are too spectacular/terrifying/batshit to even be believed.

Mel Gibson soundboard










4. Tommy Boy – One of my all-time favorite comedies, Tommy Boy is overflowing with amazing quotes. “Jo Jo the idiot circus boy!” and “I was checkin’ the specs on the… end-line for the… rotary… gurter” are basically part of my normal vocabulary.

‘Tommy Boy’ Soundboard

I – I – I Can’t Wait…

Source: Wikipedia

…For July 27th,when the London Olympic Games begin. Honestly, like, I am soooooooo flipping excited. !!

You have no idea. Being a gigantic Anglophile with no means to get across the pond is a sad state of affairs, and you’ve gotta take what you can get. You’d better believe I’m counting down the minutes until my TV is bathed in Big Ben, Union Jacks, and tons of lovely London travel pornography, 24 hours a day, for 17 days straight.

I’m not even a huge sports nut, or very competitive, but there’s something about the Olympics. Maybe it’s the global aspect. Literally, a huge portion of the world, comes together to become engrossed/passionate about something. I love shit like that, where you’re super-connected to everyone, but do not have to personally hang out with anybody. Do you remember the Vancouver Olympics? How every image was gorgeous blue silver snow-capped peaks sparkling buildings HD STUNNING? The thought of the same awesome visual eye-candy, being filled with aerial views of London, which I find to be achingly beautiful, has me giddy. I love all the human interest stories, the profiles of athletes, the profiles of towns, customs, etc. – things I’m never exposed to here in the bubble of the American midwest. I didn’t even give a shit about Vancouver before 2010, but after watching those games and seeing that city (and Canada) brought to life, I have placed a trip out there on my bucket list.

Yearning for this to be real, but alas, ’tis only Vegas. Boo.

I do enjoy watching the events, to be honest. It’s fun to get caught up in victories, defeats, and the thought-defying realization of what human beings are actually capable of. Synchronized swimming and gymnastics are probably my favorites, but I do find obscure events like taekwondo, the triathlon, and badminton, to be fascinating.

There are tons of ancillary events as well, the torch relay, the always freaking EPIC opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, this London Festival that is apparently like, four freaking months long?!

The clock tower of Big Ben at dusk. The north ...

Will pee my pants from euphoria when this is burned into my retinas day after day in HD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seriously don’t want to leave my house for the duration of the games. For the love of God, I wish I lived in England. Maybe if I say it enough, it will occur, like the Secret. I did put it on my vision board, after all. 😉


Now You Have My Attention

I should start with an apology: today is one of those days during which I honestly don’t have the time to devote to writing a proper post for you.  But I have stumbled upon a couple of things I simply MUST share with you.

First things first, have you all heard that Angelina Jolie will play the evil villain Maleficent in the upcoming retelling of Sleeping Beauty (no doubt inspired by the recent success of Snow White And The Huntsman) which has actually been titled Maleficent?  Apparently, it will be the Sleeping Beauty story told from the villainess’s point of view.  Given my surprising enjoyment of Snow White And The Huntsman, due in large part to Charlize Theron’s fantastically wicked portrayal of the evil queen, Maleficent appears quite promising, especially once I saw this photo:

Leather-clad horns and razor sharp cheekbones…I’m intrigued.  We will have to wait more than a full year, though, since this isn’t due out until 2014.

Much closer on the horizon, and promising even more wicked fun at the extremely capable hands of Mr. Quentin Tarantino, is this raucous good time:

Now that, I CANNOT wait for!  Its release is set for Christmas Day this very year and between it and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I’m betting it’s going to be a banner fucking Christmas this year!!


Master of My Make-Believe

Source: rocnation.com

When an album is released and the season or weather at that particular time fits with the music, you have audio/seasonal synchronicity, which is basically my idea of heaven. The past few days in my part of Middle Earth have been steamy, cloudy, and hazy – which fits Master of My Make-Believe, the newest album from the rapping/reggae/funk/pop/electronic priestess who is Santigold, to a T. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a hot, muggy, suffocating, urban landscape. But in a magical sort of way. I cannot even deal with it, the thing is so goddamn awesome.

Having heard of Santigold (formerly Santogold) by name only, I had her lumped in with M.I.A., which is fine, because the two have definite similarities. But this album has even more going on. Imagine if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went tribal. And hung out with Best Coast, Lykke Li, M.I.A., and Nelly Furtado.

Basically every track here has something substantial to offer. Yeah Yeah Yeahs rockin’ frontwoman Karen O is actually featured on the opener, ‘GO!‘, which talks about power and palaces and has a slamming beat. ‘God From the Machine‘ is some sort of dark, haunting purée of reggae and tropical jungles. ‘Big Mouth‘ literally sounds like it’s been remixed from an actual tribal chant.

My favorite tracks are the melodic and trance-y ‘Disparate Youth‘, which Pandora played for me a few months back and I was immediately all, “What IS that?!”, ‘Fame‘, which sounds like it should be pouring out of a sound system in a warehouse rave that the cast of Girls would attend, and the GLORIOUS ‘Keepers‘, which makes me want to dance, and jump, and sway, and flyyyyyyyy, while she sings “our house is burning down.” Awww, yeah.

But my FAVORITEST TRACK OF THEM ALL is the phenomenal and lovely ‘The Riot’s Gone’, which feels like what I imagine would happen if Pharrell Williams remixed Lykke Li’s ‘Love Out of Lust‘ with the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack. I couldn’t make this shit up, people.

Basically, you need to click some of these links I’ve so lovingly provided. If you want the perfect summer album to roast by the pool or dance in a mass of sweaty bodies to, which will also increase your hipster/badass quotient, you’ve found the key.