Master of My Make-Believe


When an album is released and the season or weather at that particular time fits with the music, you have audio/seasonal synchronicity, which is basically my idea of heaven. The past few days in my part of Middle Earth have been steamy, cloudy, and hazy – which fits Master of My Make-Believe, the newest album from the rapping/reggae/funk/pop/electronic priestess who is Santigold, to a T. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a hot, muggy, suffocating, urban landscape. But in a magical sort of way. I cannot even deal with it, the thing is so goddamn awesome.

Having heard of Santigold (formerly Santogold) by name only, I had her lumped in with M.I.A., which is fine, because the two have definite similarities. But this album has even more going on. Imagine if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went tribal. And hung out with Best Coast, Lykke Li, M.I.A., and Nelly Furtado.

Basically every track here has something substantial to offer. Yeah Yeah Yeahs rockin’ frontwoman Karen O is actually featured on the opener, ‘GO!‘, which talks about power and palaces and has a slamming beat. ‘God From the Machine‘ is some sort of dark, haunting purée of reggae and tropical jungles. ‘Big Mouth‘ literally sounds like it’s been remixed from an actual tribal chant.

My favorite tracks are the melodic and trance-y ‘Disparate Youth‘, which Pandora played for me a few months back and I was immediately all, “What IS that?!”, ‘Fame‘, which sounds like it should be pouring out of a sound system in a warehouse rave that the cast of Girls would attend, and the GLORIOUS ‘Keepers‘, which makes me want to dance, and jump, and sway, and flyyyyyyyy, while she sings “our house is burning down.” Awww, yeah.

But my FAVORITEST TRACK OF THEM ALL is the phenomenal and lovely ‘The Riot’s Gone’, which feels like what I imagine would happen if Pharrell Williams remixed Lykke Li’s ‘Love Out of Lust‘ with the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack. I couldn’t make this shit up, people.

Basically, you need to click some of these links I’ve so lovingly provided. If you want the perfect summer album to roast by the pool or dance in a mass of sweaty bodies to, which will also increase your hipster/badass quotient, you’ve found the key.



3 thoughts on “Master of My Make-Believe

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  2. i LOVE this review!!! i was a little underwhelmed by the album because it was HIGHLY anticipated from me… but it’s still a solid effort. but i just love your perspective on it… and the review felt so alive and fun. great job!!
    (i STILL have to write a review on it myself)

    • aw, damn, thank you!!!! Seriously, you made my day. 🙂 Glad you enjoy the album as well, even if you were a tad disappointed. (Expectations are the WORST – aren’t they?!!!!) Can’t wait to read your review too!

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