I – I – I Can’t Wait…

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…For July 27th,when the London Olympic Games begin. Honestly, like, I am soooooooo flipping excited. !!

You have no idea. Being a gigantic Anglophile with no means to get across the pond is a sad state of affairs, and you’ve gotta take what you can get. You’d better believe I’m counting down the minutes until my TV is bathed in Big Ben, Union Jacks, and tons of lovely London travel pornography, 24 hours a day, for 17 days straight.

I’m not even a huge sports nut, or very competitive, but there’s something about the Olympics. Maybe it’s the global aspect. Literally, a huge portion of the world, comes together to become engrossed/passionate about something. I love shit like that, where you’re super-connected to everyone, but do not have to personally hang out with anybody. Do you remember the Vancouver Olympics? How every image was gorgeous blue silver snow-capped peaks sparkling buildings HD STUNNING? The thought of the same awesome visual eye-candy, being filled with aerial views of London, which I find to be achingly beautiful, has me giddy. I love all the human interest stories, the profiles of athletes, the profiles of towns, customs, etc. – things I’m never exposed to here in the bubble of the American midwest. I didn’t even give a shit about Vancouver before 2010, but after watching those games and seeing that city (and Canada) brought to life, I have placed a trip out there on my bucket list.

Yearning for this to be real, but alas, ’tis only Vegas. Boo.

I do enjoy watching the events, to be honest. It’s fun to get caught up in victories, defeats, and the thought-defying realization of what human beings are actually capable of. Synchronized swimming and gymnastics are probably my favorites, but I do find obscure events like taekwondo, the triathlon, and badminton, to be fascinating.

There are tons of ancillary events as well, the torch relay, the always freaking EPIC opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, this London Festival that is apparently like, four freaking months long?!

The clock tower of Big Ben at dusk. The north ...

Will pee my pants from euphoria when this is burned into my retinas day after day in HD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seriously don’t want to leave my house for the duration of the games. For the love of God, I wish I lived in England. Maybe if I say it enough, it will occur, like the Secret. I did put it on my vision board, after all. 😉



3 thoughts on “I – I – I Can’t Wait…

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  2. “Maybe if I say it enough, it will occur, like the Secret. I did put it on my vision board, after all.” That made me giggle. One day you’ll reach London, one day.

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