Can I Stream That?

I wanted to share with everyone a valuable tool I discovered this week, one that is wildly beneficial (if you’re into watching movies, that is).

The website is amazing. It’s a site that collects information from all streaming/renting/movie-watching websites and services, and puts it one neat and tidy place. Have you ever wanted to watch a movie, and you check out netflix, it’s not currently available to stream, and then your brain shuts down once you realize that you are going to have to check itunes, amazon, hulu, etc., so you just give up and go do anything else? eliminates this problem, entirely.

It recently proved its usefullness to me, when I hosted a bad movie night with some friends. After watching the shit-tastic The Room (which I own, bam!), a guest wanted us to watch another turd-tacular film, Midgets Vs. Mascots, which is not on my shelf of DVDs. Within 5 seconds of going to, we found that we could stream it (with amazon), and rent it (through amazon, itunes, hulu, youtube, and vudu). My wi-fi enabled blu-ray had an app for vudu, which I had never opened – as a welcome gift, I got one free rental, and voila! – we were watching and I was bowled over with enthusiasm and love for something I had only just learned existed.

The site searches everything except Google Play (which is brand new, so I can forgive):

Next time you have a hankering for a specific film, I highly suggest using this free service. You don’t have to sign up with their site to use it, but if you do make a free account, you can even enter a specific film and they’ll email you when it becomes available on your desired watching service.

Man, the internet never ceases to astound and amaze me!



3 thoughts on “Can I Stream That?

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  2. Seriously, the internet has made many a thing vastly easy and simple. The problem is it has enabled me to waste, er, I mean, spend an obscene amount of time NOT doing all those things I keep telling myself I will do (clean the house, work out, laundry, etc)… Nikki

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