ravingmadcast, Episode 3

After sadly missing a June podcast (our goal is to post one a month), we’ve got two audio conversations for you this July. Here’s the first, part 1, where we discuss a little blog challenge/goal we’re going to be working on for a while: Trying to watch and review every single one of Entertainment Weekly’s 50 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen. Listen as we go over the first half of the list. Next week we’ll post Episode 4, where we discuss the second half of the list. We’ll also have a written post regarding this topic, in case you don’t wanna listen to our fabulous voices. 😉

~Annie & Nikki


6 thoughts on “ravingmadcast, Episode 3

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  3. Don’t hate on Jim Jarmusch he is from the same hell hole we are and he is directing Tom Hiddleston’s next movie.

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