The Baltimore duo Beach House released their 4th album, Bloom, back in May, and I’ve only started listening to it as of late, but it’s fast becoming one of my favorite albums of the summer. If you’ve never heard of this band, they formed in 2004 and are made up of Alex Scally (guitars and keys), and Victoria Legrand (vocals, organ). The easiest way for me to describe their sound is dreamy pop.

This is one of those albums that can be listened to straight through, as the melodies bleed into one another and in all honesty, every single song is beautiful and like a summer lullaby. Hazy harmonies that feel like you’re relaxing in the sand with the balmy breeze on your skin. This albums has an essence to it.

Listen to what is perhaps my favorite track, “Lazuli,” and tell me this isn’t sort of magical. From 2:36 on, it’s like, Calgon, take me away. As Victoria sings “Like no other, you can’t be replaced,” over and over, for about 2 straight minutes, I feel like it STILL isn’t enough. I want her to keep going (side-note: What with the mad lens flare-age throughout, it looks like J.J. Abrams directed this).

The officially released single from Bloom is “Myth”, which had me at hello.

Tied with “Lazuli” for my favorite track on the album is “Troublemaker,” a lament on a haunting memory, which has a very mild rock vibe. I am addicted to the soft beat dropping. Oh, god, the “someday, out of the blue it will find you” – it just gets me every time I hear it.

“Wild” sounds like it should be the soundtrack to an African safari, while “Other People” and “The Hours” seem as if they were transported from a different time. Check Beach House out anytime you’re up for a melancholic ride into a blissful state of being.


PS: My gateway drug into Beach House was “Norway,” from their 2010 album Teen Dream.


2 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. Hello ravingmadscientists. I came to this site after reading some of your comments on Betsy’s site. Some interesting stuff here; movies and tv shows I’ve never seen; I live an isolated life and mostly watch kid movies with my daughter (age 6) these days. Have you seen Brave yet? Pretty action packed and vivid animation, in 3D! My first 3D movie (like I said, I lead an isolated life). Anyhow, thanks for reviews and insights.

    On Betsy’s site we corresponded about a query review and I’d like to know where to send that, if you’d still be willing to provide feedback. Thanks again!

    • Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nikki and my co-blogger, Ann, and I use this site to rave about the things we love and rant about the things we don’t.

      We haven’t seen Brave yet but it’s on our list! I’ve been trying to coordinate an afternoon with my nephews (ages 12 and 8) to take them to see it but they’re so busy with sports right now. Soon, I hope!

      Ann and I are scientists (in hospital laboratories) by day and aspiring writers by night. I would love to read your query! You can email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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