ravingmadcast, Episode 4


….Aaaaaand part 2 of our discussion from last week: Listen as we talk about our goal to watch all of Entertainment Weekly’s “50 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen.” Silly us, we thought we coud go through this list in 10 minutes tops! Captain Underestimation! This list has a great mix of films, drama, comedy, horror, documentaries – almost all of which we’ve most definitely never seen. We’ll be posting a written list and link at the top of our homepage as well, to visually track our progress. I know it’s cheesy but we’d love to inspire you to check some out as well! It’s always great to uncover a gem you never knew existed.

~Annie & Nikki



6 thoughts on “ravingmadcast, Episode 4

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  3. It’s officially referred to as “the weirdo hots for Kevin Spacey.” It’s not specific to females with a preference for older men–I have it too.
    The bit at the end of this about dying is extra sad today.

  4. I haven’t seen most of these, and I’m ashamed. Still, I kept wanting to jump into this conversation and then found myself talking to myself awkwardly.

    BUT can we just talk about how Love & Basketball is like, my life story?! Except for basically everything about it. But I adore that film. Sanaa is a goddess!

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