London Olympics Opening Ceremonies LIVEBLOG!

London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 (Photo credit: Andrea Vascellari)

It’s FINALLLLLLYYYYYYY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve waited so long. We know it’s a Friday night. But cancel your stupid plans, crack open some Summer Shandies, and hang with us, as we revel in (hopefully) director Danny Boyle’s London extravaganza. Newest posts are at the top! Refresh yo’ page to stay current. 🙂

And here are some official links to check out for Olympic coverage if you need ’em:

Official London Olympics site

NBC’s Official Olympics page

~Annie & Nikki

12:04 – And that’s all she wrote. All in all, a damn good show! Props to Meredith Viera for using a porn term, and Danny Boyle is adorable like a Hobbit. Nighty night peeps! Here’s to two weeks of Londonnnn!!!!!!!!!

11:51 – They should let a firework off for every “Na”

11:47 – Oh Hey Jude, I love you so damn muchhhhhh *cries* If that whole stadium is singing “na na na NA NA NA NA!” together I’m gonna die in my chair..

11:46 – holy. fuck. !!!!! I have literally truly never seen so many fireworks in all my life. Were they trying to burn London to the ground? That was amazing. And here’s Sir Paul, FINALLY…

11:44 – Oh my that’s gorgeous. (Culdron)

11:39 – I wish I was in shape enough to run around a stadium with a smile on my face carting some huge metal object.

11:34 – Chills. Chills. CHILLS!!!!!!!! Is it lame that I suddenly feel proud to be a human being? And grateful to be alive? #OlympicsMessesWithYourHead

11:27 – Me loves me some fireworks, me does.

11:20 – Flying Cyclists.

11:19 – I wonder if the Arctic Monkeys were scared to do a Beatles cover in front of a billion people including Sir Paul freaking McCartney.

11:17 – Ahhh yesssss.. Beatlestime. :=)


10:53 – Sorry for the time-out….not much to say for this portion of the show :/

10:27 – How many nations are there?

10:02 – This kinda makes you realize how many people there are in the world… :/

9:44 – What makes a parade better? The Pet Shop Boys playing in the background.

9:43 – Olympics teaches kids geography.

9:40 – Don’t get much into Bond, but Skyfall looks sickkkk sexy .

9:38 – “Spectrum of humanity” = “cringum of cringity”

9:37 – Wish we could care more about the parade… #guilt

9:24 – Surprised Greece even made it to the Olympics! Considering they created them though, they should always be grandfathered in.

9:22 – It’s bugging me, what they are not showing during the commercials :/

9:20 – Wow, Michael Phelps is humble. #not.

9:19 – I can’t believe Ryan Seacrest is interviewing an Olympic athlete. He’s come a long way.

9:13 – Beckham doesn’t melt my panties the way he does for the rest of you, but he looks damn good on that boat. I’m on a mutha-f-in boat! Oh god, the Tower Bridge just looks incredible. Bob Costas is a stowaway?

9:12 – The way they’ve turned the audience into LEDs is blowing my fucking brain out.

9:11 – Oh gross yuck. Muse. Ick.

9:09 – Wow…..pretty sure no kiss for the rest of their lives will live up to that one.


9:07 – Matt Lauer SHUT UP I CAN’T HEAR THE EURYTHMICS!!!!!!!

9:06 – F YEAH 80S AND NEON RELAX BITCHES! #Ilove80smusic “Back to Life….”

9:03 – Queen, for the Queen. Man, I wanna wear a Bowie spacesuit and dance my ass off to classic rock.

9:00 – YES! Dancing!!!!!!!! Fucking Kinks rule.

8:59 – It’ll always take a long time to find a boy to match the charisma of a girl Meredith, always. *Sheds a tear*

8:48 – Oh goddammit I just want to be in a ginormous stadium in London feeling the summer air and listening to an orchestra and seeing all the lights and shit. *weeps*

8:47 – Mr. Bean, this is fantabulous! Doing an impression an American, obviously.

8:44 – Oh Christ, of course, American has to bombast my eyes with a “Back to FOOTBALL!” commercial. God forbid we stop being sooo “American” for a fucking hour.

8:43 – Yes Matt  it is creepy. Big, scary baby.

8:42 – Seriously, an homage to British literature, and darkly-themed? We are speech/breathless and moving to England at our earliest convenience.

8:40 – Mary Poppins x 50 literally just landed. This is like Christmas.


8:38 – I’m crying. J.K. Rowling makes me cry when she speaks. I can’t help it.

8:37 – Awww, glowworms. JKR!!!! JKR!!!! *Hyperventilates*

8:33 – HAHAHA all the right-wingers are cringing and saying “America is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!” at this ode to national health care. WHAT A BUNCH OF WANKERS WE ARE!!!!!!! /End rant. You go England, with your national health care. *Jealous*

8:27 – P. Charles looks freaking happy as a clam.

8:26 – The Queen HAS to be cool, but she always looks made of stone! Oh GOD KATE MIDDLETON ARE YOU EVER UGLY?! EVERRRRR??!!!!!!!

8:24 – Are they seriously dropping the Queen in on a fucking helicopter with James Bond???? I am gonna go with no…..lmaoooo

8:21 – I say “future bedroom partner” and Daniel Craig pops on screen. Coincidence? I think not. Oh shit, james Bond and the actual Queen of England. !!!!!!!!!!! What on earth!

8:19 – Oh shit, THANKS INTERNET! tweet just popped up with a link to buy the music!!!! My future bedroom partner better get ready….

8:17 – This is NEVER GETTING DELETED OUT OF MY DVR BOX! Sorry for the all-caps guys.. I’m all worked up. 😉 That was an outstanding homage to European history.

8:16 – OMG I JUST CAME. The rings are DRIPPING FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:15 – They are bringing us to climax holy christ.

8:14 – This music would be a great soundtrack to knock boots to. OH MY GOD THESE RINGS!!!!!!!!!! This is fucking brilliantly bizarre.

8:13 – This is so fucking weird but I LOVE IT!

8:13 – How much did this cost?!!!! It’s Anglophilia on ACID.


8:11 – Here come the Beatles. And the redcoats, and the Titanic, and god knows what else.

8:10 – Suffragettes! Thanks ladies! This music is banging my audio soul.

8:08 – Though we know they’re bad for you, cigars look cool. This music is so intense. SMOKESTACKS.

8:07 – They just put Kenneth Branagh into an ancient Star Trek transporter.

8:07 – Evelyn Glenny is channeling Professor Trelawney. This music is good.

8:06 – This could only be better if Ewan McGegor was in it.

8:05 – my buddy actually met Evelyn Glenny. Said she is a crazy, crazy lady.

8:02 – the aerial views are already exceeding my expectations. So, this is like a big history lesson?

8:00 – If they’re gonna get somebody to read a buncha Billy Shakespeare, might as well be Branagh!

7:56 – childrens’ choirs are magic. So is Wales, apparently. #goosebumps

7:56 – The Shire meets Downton?

7:54 – And it starts…children and explosive devices, rock on!


7:50 – Youth scandal alert: Nikki’s mom made her quit the gymnast game after catching her smoking outside the gym! #rebel

7:48 – Being an Olympic athlete must be like, going to the coolest summer camp EVERRRRRRRR.

7:48 – Nikki used to be a gymnast! #ThingsWeNeverKnewAboutEachOther

7:46 – I wish somebody would have made me play a sport as a kid. Are these gymnasts 12?

7:45 – The Brits are so full of pomp, we love it

7:44 – Can’t wait, Lauer….

7:42 – Why yes Matt, everything IS sparkling.

7:41 – PS: THANK YOU LILL & JILL FOR SUGGESTING THIS!!! Jolly good idea, dearies! 😉

7:39 – Keep Calm yes yes yes.

7:38 – Nikki is speechless. We want to go to there so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Shut UP ABOUT SECURITY AND THE SHITTY ECONOMY!!

7:37 – As if this moment couldn’t be anymore blissful, I’m eating Ruffles and Heluva Good! french onion dip. For those that don’t know, that’s my all-time favorite food, ever.

7:36 – Well London looks more goddamn beautiful that I even could have fathomed. *exploding*

7:35 – the BEAUTY!!!!!!!!! I’m going to either have an O-face or start crying.

7:34 – WOOPS we mean Ewan McGregor. Oh Christian *swoon*

7:34 – That James McAvoy speaking??

7:31 – Okay, I can watch it in another room *depressballs*.. this is dramatic!!!! This athletic shit is SERIOUS.

7:30 – Well…this is embarrassing…..torrential downpour is causing my DirecTV dish to not pick up the signal *dies* AT THIS EXACT MOMENT. WHAT IS MY LUCK.

7:22 – HI!! *bounces*



3 thoughts on “London Olympics Opening Ceremonies LIVEBLOG!

  1. As I was watching the ceremony, all I could think was, “I should be live-blogging this!” but I was certain that in the amount of time it would take to get my computer started, I would miss something. Thank goodness you guys did, though, since you pretty much echoed most of my thoughts (as usual) 😉

    I agree with all your sentiments on the literature/children’s dream section. How amazing was that!?! I was just blessing Danny Boyle throughout that entire segment. Probably my favorite just because of it’s dedication to literature (way to my heart right there).

    Great post!!

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