Always Let Love Take The Lead

I saw the flick Happy Accidents on Netflix long before I knew it was one of the “50 Best Movies You Haven’t Seen” per EW, and thought it looked cute.  So when Annie proposed that we make a little project of watching all the films on said list, of course, I started with this one.

This very quirky and original romantic comedy opens with main character Ruby Weaver, played by the beautiful and irresistibly likeable Marisa Tomei, griping about her long history of failed relationships.  She and her friends have devoted an entire shoe box to photos of their ex’s, since, apparently, in NYC, true love is hard to find.  Ruby continually falls into the trap of trying to “save” men from whatever fatal flaws she finds in them and the movie begins with her vow to break this dooming pattern.  She meets Sam Deed (Vincent D’Onofrio, giving a surprisingly charming performance) in the park and a romance quickly ensues.  Trying hard to resist old habits, Ruby ignores some of Sam’s odd behavior until it escalates to an undeniable level, at which point she turns to her therapist.  You see, Ruby has fallen so much in love that she can’t find it in herself to walk away and yet, the secret Sam reveals begs an intervention.

Tomei and D’Onofrio have great chemistry and make this rather silly movie enjoyable.  The silliness comes from Sam’s secret past, which is slowly revealed and is so strange and peculiar, I won’t ruin it for you by giving it away here.  My initial reaction read like: “Are they serious?” but I soon found it bizarrely funny.  I wouldn’t have stuck around as long as Ruby does but, then again, I have no desire to “fix” anyone.  Their chemistry works enough, though, that as often as I thought she should ditch the guy, I found myself simultaneously rooting for them to stay together.

Marisa Tomei is impossibly cute and I’ve never found Vincent D’Onofrio more appealing.  The story itself is weird but the strong performances and sparkly chemistry between the two make it work.  It isn’t of the same calibur as When Harry Met Sally… or even Bridget Jones’s Diary but it is sweet and enjoyable.  A pleasant, light-hearted way to spend a couple of hours.



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