I Wanna Be A Billionaire So F*cking Bad

Recently, a person thirty years older than I said that people my age differ from the folks of her generation in that we make bucket lists.  Apparently, previous generations did not indulge in such a frivolous activity.  And, while I’ve never sat down to write a literal list, I do keep a running tally in my mind of the places I want to visit and the things I want to do before my time is up.  So, why not write them down?  And, if I’m going to write them down, I might as well do it here.

The places I must see:

  1. The Tahitian Islands
  2. England (including, but not limited to, London)
  3. Scotland
  4. Ireland
  5. Italy (specifically, northern Italy, from whence my ancestors hail, and Rome because it’s Rome)
  6. Alaska (in the summer)
  7. Hawaii
  8. Actually, I’d like to see ALL  of the United States (I’ve already visited 27 of them – 23 to go!)
  9. Montreal
  10. New Zealand
  11. Australia (again)
  12. The Badlands, South Dakota
  13. Yellowstone National Park
  14. Yosemite National Park

Things I want to do:

  1. Take a 4 to 8 week-long road trip across the U.S.
  2. Publish a book
  3. Learn to surf (or try to, at least)
  4. Finish Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
  5. Run a half-marathon (if that doesn’t kill me, I may want to try running a full marathon)
  6. Sky-dive (preferably in Moab, Utah alongside my little sis)

Thankfully, there are some places and things I’ve already been able to cross off my list and, of course, there are more places to see and more things to do that I’ve either forgot or haven’t thought/heard of yet… so, needless to say, this list is a work-in-progress.

What’s on your list?



7 thoughts on “I Wanna Be A Billionaire So F*cking Bad

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  2. As someone who visited all 50 states–thanks in part to a friendly competition with 2 friends from college–I’ll suggest you add Glacier National Park to your list. It gets less attention than Yellowstone but rivals Alaska in terms of epic beauty. Someone had to suggest it to me and one of my “state” friends, and on the drive back we both agreed that we’d never have gone, checked Montana off the list, and not thought of going back.

    My own bucket list now is seeing bands live that I’d loved for decades and hadn’t yet. I travel to Glasgow (from Oregon) in Oct. to check one off.

    • Thank you for that recommendation. I definitely will add Glacier Nat’l Park to my list! I wouldn’t mind doing all the national parks, honestly, if only there were more time (and money).

      I have a separate little concert bucket list, too, that is in constant flux. I’m going to Columbus to see Mumford & Sons next week (can’t wait!) so I’ll get to check that one off the list. 🙂

      I’m super jealous that you’re going to Glascow! What band will you see there? (just curious)

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Roddy Frame who was *the* guy in Aztec Camera (although he used a band name for his first 15 years or so). He’s something of a recluse, doing only 3 gigs this year. Unfortunately they’re/he’s best known for a novelty cover of Van Halen’s “Jump” but there’s lots of great music (although avoid Frestonia and Aztec Camera if you decide to look–those are lesser in my never-humble opinion).

        Mumford are a good band live. I fall asleep with the TV on and remember as I was drifting off they came on a talk show and I woke up to see who it was.

        Good luck with the states and the list.

        Oh, do you have “write a book” on the list, or just publish 😉

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