Somebody’s Heart is Broken and It Becomes Your Favorite Song

Being a playlist fanatic, I find the “break-up playlist” to be an especially intriguing subject.

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A relationship ending can inspire a list of songs for many different reasons and feelings. There’s the empowerment list, where you’re proud to be single and on your own. The wallow list, where you just want to feel sad and reminisce. The holy-shit-please-come-back-because-I-will-die-without-you list. (Whew. That was more high school era, that intense drama) Regardless. It’s a varied topic.

And, as is par for the course, I hate when people make break-up playlists, because they do it wrong. Everybody just uses generic shit that they have never even listened to during a break up. Every single breakup list has Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” on it. No offense to that tune or its sentiment, which is fantastic, but does anyone honestly listen to that song whilst in the throes of a relationship ending?  People need to make the lists with songs they actually listen to. Accuracy, people!

Huge opening-up-to-strangers alert:

As I went through a huge, life-altering (for the better), massive, grown-up, might-as-well-have-been-a-divorce-break-up last year, I thought a break-up playlist was well in order. Although, mine is a mix of pretty much all of the above lists, but the important thing to note here is that these are all songs I have listened (and sobbed) to, throughout the course (20 years, holy fuck) of me knowing the guy that used to be Mr. Annie. But let’s not get too serious here, folks. The side effects of reading this list will be severe eye-rolling, intense nausea, and either uneasy or hysterical laughter.

And because Spotify just doesn’t have EVERY SONG EVER, here are a couple more:

Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Oh my god.. this song.. destroys me.

Kenny Chesney – “I Remember”

Brandy – “Have You Ever”

HAHA YES – High school Annie curled up in the fetal position and cried to this song. Go ahead, crack up, I don’t blame you.



6 thoughts on “Somebody’s Heart is Broken and It Becomes Your Favorite Song

  1. No matter what kind of breakup I go through, “He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me” by Toni Braxton is my JAM! 🙂
    Also, love that the title to this entry was from FTWII by DMB. ❤ them.

  2. Fun fact I don’t think I’ve ever told you unless you found it on my iPod:
    I have a playlist cluster for the five stages of grief, modified for the fives stages of grief experienced with guys.
    1. Denial (aka Unrequited Love) with It’s Good To Be In Love by Frou Frou and Dancing on My Own by Robyn
    2. Anger (aka Regret…about fucking it up, or whatever) with stuff like Lifehouse It Is What It is, and The Xx Heart Skipped a Beat
    3. Bargaining (this is a weird thing and so I turned it into aka Bad Karma–where they are with someone new but you are trying to like, get them back on your side) with Robyn Call Your Girlfriend, Morgan Page Fight For You, Vanessa Carlton Rinse
    4. Depression (aka Lost Out Again, which is when the bargaining stage falls through and you’re hit with utter defeat) with You and I Know by Ra Ra Riot, Your Biggest Mistake by Ellie Goulding, Madonna Frozen
    5. Acceptance (aka Seriously!? Piss Off!) This is divided into two stages–angry “he was such an idiot” acceptance, and loving-life again acceptance. SO it’s stuff like Safety Suit The Moment and Lily Allen Fuck You into the more gentle acceptance of Power of Goodbye and Florence Blinding, into the it’s-all-a-cycle-love-will-come-back-around of Naked and Famous Young Blood and Vanessa Carlton Carousel

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