Come Into Your Nightmares

Halloween is a mere ten weeks away and already the horror flick trailers have begun.  I may be jumping the gun here but it seems this scary movie season might actually have something to offer.  Check this out:

Okay, so they’re obviously using the word scientific very loosely and the tagline “Once you believe, you die” is ridiculous, but otherwise, this could be promising.  No, seriously… did you see the wall consume a person?  And the dead, grey hands engulfing the chick at the end?  That’s some creepy imagery, if nothing else.

Not sold, huh?  All right, look at this one:

It looks like a hybrid of The Amityville Horror, Fallen and Insidious.  Again with the imagery – those dead children sitting in a circle in the attic made my skin crawl.

I’m not quite ready for summer to end but fall is my absolute favorite and one of the reasons for that is the rush of scary movies that hits theaters.  You know ghost stories trump all and I’d say The Apparition counts as a ghost story.  Demons may be less cool but Sinister looks pretty damn, well… sinister.  Man, I love a good scary movie.



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