Can I Wake You Up?

Awesome music-share alert!

I just discovered a band that is not even remotely new, but that I had never really heard of until my MOM and sister brought them to my attention. I’m talking about Bombay Bicycle Club, and oh shit, am I in love.

Their latest release, A Different Kind of Fix, came out this past January and it had me at first listen. It’s rock, indie (what even IS indie, I ask you?), alternative, moody, slightly electronic…. the closest thing I can come up with is the love child of Arcade Fire and Duran Duran, with a sprinkle of both Belle & Sebastian and The Fleet Foxes. If that doesn’t pique your interest, what kind of shitty music do you listen to?

Of course these guys are from London, because EVERYTHING GOOD COMES FROM ENGLAND. Apparently they formed around 2005ish, and then won some Virgin Mobile battle-of-the-bands contest. Lucky them, and us. Sidenote: They are also really freaking cute. *waves* I’m single, guys!! *bats lashes*

This album, so far, has made me want to, in no particular order: Sleep, cry, fall in love, get it on, run, drive really fast, chill, stare at the wall, contemplate deep shit. You know, all the good things about being alive.

‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ manages to be both soothing AND toe-tap-inducing. How is that possible?

My favorite track is ‘Bad Timing’, which just completely sounds like a lost Arcade Fire track. Haunting and lush. My favorite yummy ways to describe music.

The songs ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Lights Out, Words Gone,’ will make you instantly happy and feel like doing a little shuffle yourself. They are light and airy; happy and melancholy.

Oh my god, I forgot about ‘Leave It’ and ‘What You Want’ – which are both just achingly awesome. See?! This album is so good, as I go through each track I keep being reminded how great it is. I’m just putting the spotify box in here with the whole damn album so you can take a listen yourself. As long as you have a heart and soul and ears, ye shall not be disappointed.



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